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Quality management in corporate travel

Our recent research conducted with the Association of Corporate Travel Executives finds that travel managers identify one set metrics they say is important to determining business trip success—but identify a whole different set of metrics they actually measure. It’s time for a new approach.

New Approaches to Hotel Sourcing

While much of the business travel conversation focuses on air travel, accommodation is every bit as important for the traveller experience…

Get Engaged

Engaging travelers can help steer their behavior towards smart buying decisions that drive savings and support safe travel…

A virtual (payment) reality

Virtual cards have emerged as alternatives to traditional corporate travel  payment solutions…

Mobilize your travel program

Now that mobile is coming to the forefront of business travel, applications are the next step…

Travel risk management

Whenever your employees take a business trip, their potential exposure to security, safety and medical issues increases..

The rise of the sharing economy

The time is right for travel managers to consider the merits of sharing economy suppliers…

ITM – Come together

Integrating your corporate travel and meetings programs…

VAT reclaim: Don’t leave money on the table

Many companies needlessly leave money on the table each year. How? They fail to fully recoup the refunds…

Hidden spend: Mining a rich new vein of savings

In this paper, we’ll look at several other sub-categories of travel spend that are considerably more hidden…

The Traveler Management Survival Guide

The success of every business travel program hinges on the ability to manage travelers…

Traveler Management: How to influence your employees to plan, book and travel smarter

Traveler Management: How to influence your employees to plan, book and travel smarter…