Our strength is in our supplier network

Are you a hotel, airline or other supplier in the corporate travel sector? Are you interested in working with us?
Send inquiries to [email protected]

Traveler support

For support with your trips use TripSource® or contact your BCD travel team. You can find their contact details on your itinerary. Haven’t got a recent itinerary? Contact one of our travel offices nearby.

Individual hotels:

Your best opportunity to build visibility with our customers and employees is with the BCD Travel Global Hotel Program (GHP). Through this program, you can:

  • Load rates against our rate access codes in all global distribution systems; our rate access codes allow our agents to look for rates at participating hotels
  • Appear in our online hotel directory, available to all our employees and clients worldwide and provides exposure on our online hotel directory.Interested? Please contact [email protected]

If your hotel is part of a preferred partner chain with BCD Travel, please contact your chain representative responsible for handling the travel management company or business travel segment.
Please understand that we can’t assist with inquiries about specific client programs.

Hotel chains and management companies:

Please send inquiries to [email protected].