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As the leading life sciences travel management and meetings company, we service over 100 organizations in this sector across travel, meetings and consulting, including 90% of the top 20 pharmas in the world.

Within our companies, we support customers across the healthcare spectrum from pharmaceuticals to medical device companies, biotechs, hospital systems, CROs, insurance and beyond. We understand how a positive travel and meetings experience can be a reputational differentiator for a healthcare professional going to an advisory board, a colleague travelling to a congress, or a patient participating in a clinical trial, and we are the only agency that can provide you with a fully customized and progressive, compliant, globally integrated solution across travel, meetings and consultancy through our Life Sciences Center of Excellence.

The Power of One

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We know that life sciences need more than a fulfillment supplier. You need a partner who speaks your language: who understands your industry, your compliance requirements, your challenges, your peers and your future. 

Our vast, global experience across the corporate, HCP and patient landscape allows us to bring new energy, strategy and solutions to your travel and meetings program.

Like you, we understand how critical the innovative core is to deliver the right, cost-efficient solutions to those in need.

Life Sciences Center of Excellence

With unique drivers including patient-centricity, regulatory and compliance requirements, we recognize that life sciences cannot be managed as ‘typical’ corporate programs. Given our footprint, expertise and client base, we’ve developed a Life Sciences Center of Excellence that turns our insights into optimization.

Our clients benefit from our rich experience and dedicated expertise in this vertical through best practices, benchmarking and resource intelligence. Life sciences organizations need a different kind of support from program design to technology, traveler experience to consultation. That’s why BCD is working across our organization to provide cohesion of strategy, best practices and consultation to our customers.

Our expanded service offerings, including patient travel, break free from traditional models to further enhance travel programs, leverage cost and improve experience. Our regular connectivity, customer surveys, benchmarking and external validation allow us to deliver to you our learnings from managing more than 100 customers across 40+ therapeutic areas.

We service 90%
of the top 20 pharmas

Going beyond traditional travel and meetings management

As a result of more than 20+ years of experience servicing this segment, we intimately understand, and can deliver on, your unique drivers. Our customers expect delivery beyond fulfillment and regard us as strategic, value-creating partners.

We appreciate that no two programs are the same which is why our key benefits and features are entirely customizable to your needs and address both your small and larger challenges.

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Paige Furr

Global Business Service,
Enterprise Travel and Meetings,


BCD demonstrates strategic leadership, innovation and collaboration that reaches far beyond the confines of traditional travel and meetings management. We applaud BCD for evolving their Life Sciences Center of Excellence during a pandemic, illustrating that their focus on the voice of the customer has not wavered in uncertain times. The heightened focus on patient-centricity shows leadership and is squarely in line with what’s most important to us.

Our improved outcomes

HCP/Patient/Meeting travel

  • Comprehensive duty of care reporting
  • Custom Transfer of Value (TOV) reporting
  • Global compliance training
  • Successful group travel integration and reporting

Patient Travel & Logistics

  • Clinical trial patient travel & logistics
  • Dedicated patient agent teams
  • Reloadable debit card management
  • Stipend and expense management


  • Expense reimbursement
  • Global Procure 2 Pay (P2P) expertise
  • Reconciliation
  • Virtual payments

Program Solution Design

  • Benchmarking
  • Consultation
  • Global program governance
  • Integrated Travel & Meetings
  • Progressive Program Management (PPM)
  • Sustainability practices
  • Traveler & attendee engagement strategies

In-person, virtual and hybrid capabilities

BCD M&E has more than 35 years of experience in planning meetings and events, and 15+ years helping customers deliver their messages in the digital world. We bring the expertise to design, plan and operate all events while pivoting between in-person, hybrid and virtual to adapt seamlessly to restrictions.

Product lifecycle experience

From clinical to commercialization, our expertise covers meetings management services for both external and internal meetings. This breadth and depth of expertise gives our clients an unmatched level of comfort and customer service.

In-house creative, media and production services

BCD M&E has a full suite of in-house creative, media and production services. Our talented experts work with clients to create customized experiences for the in-person and digital worlds. They elevate the attendee and meeting host journey and optimize the connection to the messaging of the event.

External meetings

  • Investigator and monitor meetings
  • Professional education meetings (peer to peer)
  • Speaker/faculty training
  • Advisory boards
  • Congresses (plus ancillary)

Internal meetings

  • Regional/national sales meetings
  • Sales training
  • Executive leadership meetings
  • Product launches
  • Incentives

Our Innovative Core

Featured image Our innovative core

Within the healthcare sector specifically, our customers appreciate our expertise managing unique traveler types including HCPs and patients. 

Our experience balances the drivers of sophisticated corporate programs with the delicate, complex and specific needs of these traveler populations.  This expertise means our customers benefit from teams that go beyond travel fulfillment. 

We are a partner that speaks your language, who understands your industry, your compliance requirements, and your keen focus on the patient experience.

HCP and Group Travel

With our group travel models, our customers maintain the enhanced service delivery they expect with standardization across all markets and the benefits of an enterprise solution. In fact, more than 75% of our group travel clients leverage their corporate discounts. Further, our proprietary tool, DecisionSource®, allows for per meeting reporting across different traveler types. We also realize that the attendee persona is changing and, as more travelers are digitally native, they look for simple online solutions to manage their travel needs. Over 66% of our group travel customers offer online booking options via their meeting technology.

Integrated Travel & Meetings (ITM)

Life sciences are among the industries with the most sophisticated travel and meetings programs. Our expertise across a robust, shared client base allows us to identify and maximize opportunities to break down the typical servicing silos to create holistic programs that lend visibility, transparency, efficiency and solutions across both services. In fact, 55% of our customers have shared internal oversight to travel and meetings, allowing for optimization. That includes:

Global Program Governance & Progressive Program Management (PPM)

Adapting to business requirements is crucial to the overall success of a well-managed, transformative program. BCD is breaking the mold with our progressive model, which powers programs to move with the speed, agility and diversification that our most mature and sophisticated programs need to adapt now and evolve as the industry – and the world – continues to change.

Based on seven competencies, we provide a cross-functional team of subject matter experts and thought leaders to support your program, company strategies and policies through a mix of dedicated and designated resources.

75% of our PPM customers are within the life sciences industry, which lends program credibility and strategy.

  • Service strategy & optimization
  • Traveler, attendee & stakeholder engagement
  • Digital strategy & execution
  • Spend management & distribution optimization
  • Data management, analytics & visualizations
  • Payment strategy & execution
  • Sustainability
We found solutions together. The whole team worked to drive progress. All of our reputations were on the line, and we were all equally committed to making it work.

Kerrie Henshaw-Cox

Global Commercial Lead, AstraZeneca
Business Travel Awards’ Travel Buyer of the Year for 2019


We know compliance goes beyond in-channel bookings. For life sciences, compliance is the guiding principle for business enablement.

From transfer of value reporting to country profile guidance, from meal caps to annual trainings, BCD has a robust understanding of how critically important adherence is to success. Our teams are fortified with SOPs, global guidebooks, and resource guides, all refreshed annually or more frequently based on regulatory changes. Our custom materials augment our customer-specific requirements and create a baseline of foundational discipline across our service lines and reporting. Our compliance approach is powered by proprietary technology to streamline processes and allow online reimbursement of HCPs.

We are also able to provide compliance benchmarks and policy insights via customer forums or targeted consultation. We understand how integrity, transparency and protection are paramount, and we deliver against them every day.

Duty of care

We go beyond the transaction to ensure your travelers and meeting attendees are safe while on the road through our digital platforms, services, robust reporting and integration with security services. Our oversight and proactive care allow for business continuity and quick response, should the need arise. We have additionally developed proprietary tools to report all passenger names on an itinerary even when booked as a “true group” providing comprehensive insight to your global travelers. Our duty of care for meeting attendees extends to destinations, hotels, and venues.

Deloitte whitepaper

Life sciences organizations that are ready to explore emerging patient engagement opportunities for R&D may find that many can be addressed through process improvement.

Improve the patient travel experience

While patient-centricity is a primary focus for life sciences, patient travel and logistics fulfillment is an oft-overlooked area, relying on agencies with varying competencies to manage. With more than 20 customers in the patient space, BCD’s heightened focus on this population extends across all patient interactions to include patient advocacy and caregivers, transplants and medical needs, clinical trial participation, and improved payment and reimbursement solutions, all with associated communications and campaign strategies that enhance patient engagement. 

Seamless Patient Experience

We recognize that patients are people first and they must consider potential physical, emotional, and financial burdens prior to travel. When weighing participation, patients must balance their overall health status, family logistics, daily obligations, contingency planning, and loss of earned income – all while coping with disease and treatment. Challenges related to booking travel should not be on that list. That’s why we have customized solutions in place to optimize the travel process, from booking through reimbursement.

Featured image seamless patient travel

Our people go the extra mile to make a difference for our clients—take it from our Patient Engagement Manager, Merrily Grant:

I support our life sciences customer Takeda. My job allows me to create a sincere, caring and compassionate atmosphere of support for our patient travelers in a way that is unparalleled in the industry. I have the pleasure of providing concierge level patient services at every point along their journey. Given my background in nursing and my experience in care coordination, I understand patients need assistance beyond simple travel booking. Caring is in my nature, not just my job description.

Clinical trial patient travel

Travel management is not a core clinical competency. Minimal visibility, limited use of negotiated contracts and incomplete duty of care coverage are prompting many organizations to reevaluate their model. We know that the success of a clinical trial requires personal commitment. 

Challenges related to booking travel and timely reimbursement should not be on their list of considerations. That’s why we’re focused on providing custom clinical trial solutions to improve the experience, improve retention rates, reduce study team burden, lower costs and enhance program rigor.

We deliver our services with an empathetic, discreet, and white-glove approach reducing drop-out rates while increasing satisfaction and advocacy. We extend patient engagement beyond live visits by staying in regular contact through their journey, adding additional reassurance and support so critical toward maintaining participation.

Special Needs Facilitation

Patient-centricity requires elevated, compassionate servicing solutions. We know patient travel frequently requires enhanced service delivery and special needs facilitation including ADA and specialized ground transportation requirements.

Safety Reassurance

We know that the risk of travel-related issues is much greater for patients than for the average corporate traveler. We ensure the highest standards for patient travelers and their caregivers by including them in your corporate security response.

Compliance Assurance

Compliance assurance, aggregated reporting, and transactional visibility are critical to life sciences and patient costs should not be excluded. Bringing together both individual and category level spend allows our customers to ensure adherence to regulatory and reputational requirements at both a micro and macro level.

Leveraged Suppliers and Spend

By bringing patients into the corporate program, customers gain enterprise visibility to spend, improving holistic negotiation power, driving process efficiencies, and ensuring consistency against contractual terms.

Study Team Optimization

Our seamless end-to-end support allows all study stakeholders, site coordinators and partners, including BCD, to deliver against their core competencies with 100 percent focus on the patient.

Global visibility

Managing patient travel and logistics in a consolidated manner lends enterprise level visibility to performance, transparency, cost, and compliance. Our flexible models allow for customization at the study level without sacrificing the larger organizational benefits.

Payment Solutions

We recognize how important it is to limit any financial burden on the patient. Our solutions from up-front payment, to reimbursement, to a partnership for reloadable debit cards, ensure that patients can participate with ease while still providing spend and reconciliation transparency.


Our existing tools, technology, API integrations and configurations provide solutions across the patient travel, logistics and payment space to enhance the patient experience while driving a comprehensive roadmap strategy.

Patient Engagement and Campaigns

Because we know that engagement goes far beyond logistics, we have sophisticated campaign strategies that begin at policy development, study enrollment and informed consent. Our team of experts use the right message to the right channel matching health literacy and communication styles.

Third-party innovation

Travel and meetings programs are more sophisticated than ever. That’s why we created a marketplace of authorized technology solutions to extend your corporate programs.

Innovative digital services

Our customizable dashboards transform your intelligence into actionable insights, allowing you to make effective decisions for your transient and meetings travel in critical traveler and attendee care moments.


We’ve set a high bar for ourselves to be good global citizens, transparent and genuine partners and an engaging and diverse employer. This is more than a talking point, it’s our ethos, which is why we’re incredibly proud of the accomplishments that have led to recognition by the industry, our peers and clients across Governance, Ethics & Compliance, Workplace Practices, Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainable Procurement and Charity & Community Support.

BCD Travel China receives Most Innovative Supplier award from client

Prescriptions for success: Client case studies

Global consolidation

See how AstraZeneca consolidated 70 countries to drive 15% savings

Strategic partnership

See how Bayer Group and BCD Travel partnered together

Program evolution

Evolution of trusted partnership to best in class program

Unique booking platforms

Industry expertise – Supporting pharma clients with their travel


Consolidation enables end-to-end streamlining and dynamic decisions

Integrated travel & meetings

Pharmaceutical company simplified visa process maximizes attendance

HCP solutions

A life sciences company asked BCD to book its HCPs locally

Clinical trial timelines

Consultative management approach steers investigator meetings

Patient centric support

Clinical trial support with patient-centric approach

Group air fulfillment

Group air fulfilment for large-scale internal meeting China

Humanitarian relief

Flexibility and partnership helps leading humanitarian organization


Alternative patient environment improves participant involvement


Our formula for success

We recognize that the connective tissue underlying even the most sophisticated program relies on flawless delivery.
With us you benefit from:

Get to know us

The Life Sciences Team


“I am proud of BCD’s deep relationships across our life sciences portfolio and am invigorated by the ways our institutional knowledge provides strategic value beyond traditional corporate travel management.

We are honored to support these organizations’ unwavering efforts to improve lives and are motivated to know our solutions play a role in their vital work.”

Teri Miller

EVP, Global Client Team
LSCOE Executive Sponsor
BCD Travel


“Life sciences are some of our most innovative customers. It is a privilege and an honor that collectively we have and will continue to develop strategic solutions that push the boundaries of traditional thinking. There is also a particularly special connection across our corporate values and shared goals, from innovation in patient care, to our focus on travelers’ health and wellness; together we maintain focus on innovative solutions to better enable business and societal needs.”

Kessie Bratko

SVP, Global Client Team
LSCOE Senior Executive
BCD Travel


“Having supported the life sciences sector for more than 15 years, I’m excited by BCD’s unique ability to deliver strategic, insightful, and intelligent programs that balance the complexities and regulations specific to this industry.

We are energized by taking our insights to optimization; creating valuable solutions to better support these important and life-saving organizations.”

Jessica Azoulay, MPH

Vice President, Global Client Team
LSCOE Senior Lead
BCD Travel


“As a life sciences company alumna, I am keenly aware of how unique this environment is from many perspectives. I am honored to be part of an organization that not only understands the unique requirements of our clients but has also invested in delivering bespoke solutions to meet those needs. Within the LSCOE, our singular focus is on creating solutions uniquely adapted to support our clients with planning and executing their objectives, while they remain focused on their primary mission – improving the lives of patients. The LSCOE brings together the rigorous processes required to execute flawless and compliant programs with the talented and passionate individuals committed to ensuring every attendee has an exceptional journey from pre to post event.”

Ashley Williams, MBA

Vice President, Global Life Sciences Center of Excellence
BCD Meetings & Events


“At BCD, life sciences regulatory compliance isn’t an afterthought. It’s woven into our culture. We have a deep knowledge of state, national and international regulatory requirements that pertain to interactions and transparency.

I am proud of the role we have in supporting our life science customers as they advance positive patient outcomes. Together, through transparency and ethics, we help build consumer trust around the world and across therapeutic areas.”

Laura Konwinski, JD

Senior Director, Global Compliance
BCD Meetings & Events

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