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Putting the voice and needs of the patient first is no longer a “nice to have.” Patient centricity is paramount and a key driver of the success and innovation of life science companies. Yet patient centricity is still largely focused on populations and trial design. The BCD Life Sciences Center of Excellence team believes a patient-centered program should go beyond data and design to address the unmet needs associated with the patient as a person.

Improve the patient travel experience

While patient centricity is a primary focus for life sciences, patient travel and logistics fulfillment is an oft-overlooked area, relying on agencies with varying capabilities to manage. With more than 20 customers in the patient space, our heightened focus on this population extends across all patient interactions to include patient advocacy and caregivers, transplants and medical needs, clinical trial participation, and improved payment and reimbursement solutions, all with associated communications and campaign strategies that enhance patient engagement.

A seamless experience for your patients

We recognize that patients are people first and they must consider potential physical, emotional, and financial burdens prior to any decision. When weighing participation, patients must balance their overall health status, family logistics, daily obligations, contingency planning, and loss of earned income – all while coping with disease and treatment. Challenges related to logistics or travel, often associated with out of pocket spend, should not be on that list. That’s why we have customized solutions in place to optimize the experience, from booking through reimbursement.

Our people go the extra mile
to make a difference for our clients


Merrily Grant

Patient Engagement Manager

I support a global pharmaceutical customer. My job allows me to create a sincere, caring and compassionate atmosphere of support for our patient travelers in a way that is unparalleled in the industry. Given my background in nursing and my experience in care coordination, I understand patients need assistance beyond simple travel booking. Caring is in my nature, not just my job description.

From clinical to commercial

Many organizations tend to focus their attention on patients participating in clinical trials but miss the chance to offer strengthened support across other engagement types like patient advocacy and access programs. Our team provides unparalleled and comprehensive logistics, travel, payment and engagement support across three core areas.




Patient travel

Travel management is not a core competency of most clinical or patient agencies. Minimal visibility, limited use of negotiated contracts and incomplete duty of care coverage are prompting many organizations to reevaluate their model. We know that a patient’s impression of support makes a meaningful difference in the likelihood of future engagements whether serving as a speaker ambassador or participating in a clinical trial.

We make sure that challenges related to booking travel, logistics and timely reimbursement are not be on their list of considerations. That’s why we’re focused on providing custom solutions to improve the experience and retention rates, while increasing visibility and reducing costs.

We deliver our services with an empathetic, discreet and white-glove approach which increase satisfaction and advocacy. We extend patient engagement beyond a trip by staying in regular contact through their journey, adding additional reassurance and support so critical toward maintaining participation.

Life sciences organizations that are ready to explore emerging patient engagement opportunities for R&D may find that many can be addressed through process improvement.


Patient engagement for Life Sciences R&D

Special needs facilitation

Patient-centricity requires elevated, compassionate servicing solutions. We know patient travel and logistics frequently rely on enhanced service delivery and special needs facilitation We are equipped to offer customized support including ADA, specialized ground transportation, and after-hours support.

Safety reassurance

We know that the risk of travel-related issues is much greater for patients than for the average corporate traveler. We ensure the highest standards for patients and their caregivers by including them in your corporate security and duty of care response.

Compliance reassurance

Compliance assurance, aggregated reporting, and transactional visibility are critical to life sciences and patient costs should not be excluded. Bringing together both individual and category level spend allows our customers to ensure adherence to regulatory and reputational requirements at both a micro and macro level.

Leveraged suppliers and spend

By bringing patients into the corporate program, customers gain enterprise visibility to spend, improving holistic negotiation power, driving process efficiencies, and ensuring consistency against contractual terms. Our strong network of global partners collaborate to drive the development of patient-centric programs forward and offer our customers access to resources, best practices and a suite of technology options.

Study team optimization

Our seamless end-to-end support allows all study stakeholders, site coordinators and partnersto deliver against their core competencies with 100 percent focus on the patient.

Global visibility

Managing patient travel and logistics in a consolidated manner lends enterprise level visibility to performance, transparency, cost, and compliance. Our flexible models allow for customization at a program level without sacrificing larger organizational benefits.


Patient engagement and campaigns

Because we know that engagement goes far beyond logistics, we have sophisticated campaign strategies that begin at policy development, and continue across the patient’s journey. Our team of experts use the right message to the right channel matching health literacy and communication styles.

Payment solutions

We recognize how important it is to limit any financial burden on the patient. Our solutions from up-front payment, to reimbursement, ensure that patients can participate with ease while still providing spend and reconciliation transparency.


Our existing tools, technology, API integrations and configurations provide solutions across the patient travel, logistics and payment space to enhance the patient experience while driving a comprehensive roadmap strategy.

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