The BCD Travel

Affiliate Program

Extending your value around the globe

Travel programs are increasingly complex. Traveler habits and expectations have changed. Risk management has never been more important—yet never more difficult to carry out. More than ever, clients want personalized service delivered wherever and whenever they travel. As a BCD Travel Affiliate, you can offer your clients the best of both worlds—the personal approach your clients value coupled with the global reach of the world’s most admired TMC. That translates into the care businesses expect from a regional partner backed by the insight, innovation and vast supplier network of BCD Travel.

Benefits of becoming a BCD Travel Affiliate

BCD Travel carefully selects its affiliate agencies. These agencies are leaders in regional markets around North America. More than 40% are Business Travel News Top 100 travel management companies. They value the relationship with their clients and, with BCD Travel behind them, customize travel programs that meet the needs of clients of all sizes and major industries.

Affiliate agencies enjoy a true partnership with us.

Our affiliates run their companies independently, but gain access to numerous benefits:

Market insight – Our Research & Intelligence team analyzes industry trends to bring insights that help you and your clients take advantage of emerging opportunities and reduce risk.
Global reach – As one of the largest TMCs, we offer you and your clients access to an unmatched network covering more than 100 countries.
Purchasing power – BCD Travel Affiliates gain access to negotiated air, hotel and car rates, as well as our BCD Marketplace suppliers, who provide a wide range of innovative products and services.
Executive counsel – Our senior executives regularly interact with our affiliates. When specific needs arise, we facilitate direct access to specialists.
Technology and tools – From a variety of front-end and mid-office solutions to back-end intelligence, affiliates benefit from market-leading technology in areas such as agent automation, traveler experience, data-driven innovation and spend management.
Access to consulting services – Through Advito, our travel consulting arm, affiliates gain access to traveler engagement, advanced sourcing and spend management strategies, sustainability expertise and a variety of other solutions tailored for midsize companies.
Risk management – In times of crisis, BCD Travel affiliates have access to our proprietary security suite. Services include traveler tracking, evacuation, personal access to crisis management providers and more.
Idea sharing – Affiliates attend regular meetings each year to interact and share ideas with experts from BCD Travel, industry leaders, suppliers and fellow affiliates.

How your clients benefit

Your clients get highly personalized service and immediate responsiveness, backed by the global presence, technology and clout of a mega-agency.

That translates to:

• A seamless service experience
• Engaged travelers
• Worldwide duty of care
• Global data to power decisions
• Greater savings

A partnership with BCD Travel provides you with solutions tailored specifically to your client’s needs. That means, as you and your clients
grow, you have the support of more than 10,000 professionals behind you.

As a BCD Travel affiliate, you’ll be able to offer personal relationships along with global presence, technology and buying power like never before.

BCD Travel is always looking for the next forefront of where we need to be. They’re willing to pivot, they’re willing to change, they’re willing to listen to their customers. That’s the valuable service and relationship they provide being able to see what’s going on in the marketplace and adjust to it.”

Affiliates reviews

“There are great things about being a BCD Travel Affiliate. What I value the most is certainly the ability to network with other owners and get their feedback and opinions on what’s going on in the industry. We also value BCD’s knowledge of what’s going on in the marketplace. They can advise us on changes, future trends, and even technology. And then of course we love the global network.”
Affiliate member

“BCD Travel is always looking for the next forefront of where we need to be. They’re willing to pivot, they’re willing to change, they’re willing to be able to listen to their customers. That’s the valuable service and relati onship they provide: being able to see what’s going on in the marketplace and adjust to it.”
Affiliate member

“Both our agency and BCD Travel were going after a meetings travel opportunity. We already had the transient business of the client. We spoke with BCD Travel’s senior leadership and we agreed it would be better to collaborate on the opportunity. Bottom line – we won the business. Why? Because the client got the personal service they expected from us and the global reach and purchasing power they needed from BCD Travel”
Affiliate member

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