Emerging travel trends in China

The business of mobility: emerging trends in corporate travel in China

As we enter 2024, and just over a year after its reopening and the ending of COVID-19 restrictions, China’s economy is still trying to fully shake off the after-effects of the pandemic.

Commercial activity is on a path to normalcy, and corporate travel has a vital role to play. Its return is not merely a function of the recovery in business activity; corporate travel is also a catalyst for commerce and the development of enhanced interconnectivity between enterprises. In a country characterized by rapid advances in technology and transportation, corporate travel embodies China’s wider business ethos, taking a position at the forefront of emerging business trends.

In his recent LinkedIn article, “The Business of Mobility: Emerging Trends in China’s Corporate Travel for 2024,” BCD Travel’s Managing Director North Asia, Jonathan Kao, examined the emerging trends that he believes are reshaping corporate travel in China. While each trend has its own distinct characteristics, together these trends form a cohesive blueprint for the future of business mobility in China.

In this new report, with Jonathan’s support and including some invaluable local insights from William Tang, we’ve expanded upon the original article to give the trends some greater context and include some extra information to support them.

The report covers the following trends and developments:

  • China’s travel recovery – the outlook for air travel and the return of airline capacity.
  • China’s economic slowdown and corporate travel –how travel managers are responding to China’s economic underperformance.
  • Changing the way employees work and travel – the shift to virtual meetings and the appeal of bleisure travel.
  • Data-driven travel management –how data analytics are enhancing efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • The government’s anti-corruption drive –how this has affected life sciences companies, in particular.
  • Reducing risks for travelers and their personal data –developments in risk management and safeguarding employees’ personal information.
  • Sustainable travel – how China is embracing eco-friendly practices, including the shift to high-speed rail for domestic business trips.

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