Artificial Intelligence (AI) & What It Means for Business Travel Management 

Is AI in business travel the wave of the future, or just another buzzword destined to fade into the background? This question is a hot topic as companies explore the potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionize corporate travel management.

Download this report, co-produced by BCD Travel and the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), and based on collaborative feedback from 700+ travel industry professionals across Europe and APAC. You’ll learn: 

  • How organizations are using AI in travel programs today. 
  • What benefits AI can bring to the business travel industry tomorrow. 
  • How travel programs of the future can leverage AI for an enhanced traveler experience. 

Want a sneak peek at key findings? 

  • AI is currently being used to compare hotel and airline rates, match travel expense data and power traveler-facing chatbots. 
  • Human touch points and quality control checks are key to maintaining high user satisfaction. 
  • AI will change the way we engage with travelers during all stages of the trip and how we write and develop the software they use. 
  • The greatest opportunities for service enhancements in business travel are tied to efficiency and personalization.  
  • Download the report to explore potential future scenarios that can transform how we do business. 

Download your free copy now.

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