Impact on travel of the Paris Olympics and UEFA European Championship

Two quadrennial sporting events to impact travel in Europe in 2024

Two four-yearly multinational sporting events are due to coincide in Europe this year: the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games; and the UEFA European Championship to be held in Germany. Both events are expected to boost travel in the host countries and to specific locations within them. The events will attract both domestic and foreign tourists.

Given the expected increase in tourism volumes, accommodation suppliers can expect to see a surge in forward bookings. For the duration of the events, and possibly in the weeks before and after them, travelers should anticipate room rates that are well above seasonal norms. They will also face extra costs from increased tourist tax levies, which the French government has introduced to cover some of the cost of hosting the Olympic Games.

Oxford Economics recently published a research briefing, Europe: Olympics and Euros 2024, what can we expect?, in which it outlined its expectations for the impact of these two events on the host countries.

In this new Insights report, we summarize the key points from Oxford Economics’ study and incorporate some findings from analysis conducted by BCD Travel’s Research & Intelligence team.

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