Exclusive tour of BCD Travel’s booth at Business Travel Show 2024

YouTube video

Join BCD’s Anja Turner-Schulz and Chad Lemon for an exclusive insight in our 2024 messages. Discover the inspiring story behind our powerful catchphrases, emphasizing how we empower travelers and prioritize our customers.

Anja highlights BCD’s key themes and illuminates the way:

  • Be empowered, not constrained: How we enable freedom and flexibility for travelers.
  • Be inspired, not limited: Showcasing our open platform technology designed to inspire our clients.
  • Be a priority, not a number: Our commitment to making each customer feel valued.
  • Be illuminated, not bedazzled: Shedding light on the solutions that truly benefit our customers.

Get a firsthand look at how BCD Travel is redefining business travel and making our clients the center of our universe. Don’t miss this BCD TV exclusive or see for yourself during one of the many travel trade events in 2024!

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