Understanding Travel Risk Management (TRM)

There are three good reasons to implement an effective TRM program: duty of care, moral and ethical duty, and company reputation. This report summarizes everything you should know about travel risk management.

The report has been compiled in collaboration with our Marketplace partner Safeture, a global provider of travel risk management solutions. The following areas are outlined in the report:

  • Defining travel risk management (TRM)
  • Where responsibility for risk is less clear
  • Business drivers
  • TRM solutions and comprehensive programs
  • TRM program roles, tasks and processes
  • Common mistakes and problems
  • TRM tools and solutions
  • The future of TRM

About Safeture
The Safeture platform is a complete and cloud-based service managing risk, safety and crisis processes involving employees. The solution takes care of all risk and crisis management needs, finding new ways to safeguard employees wherever they are and secure your company. For more information on Safeture, visit the BCD marketplace.

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