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Inken Sudbrack, Director of Program Management at BCD TravelWhy BCD? And what were the reasons why you decided to work with BCD back when you were in the bidding process?

Stephanie Schöler, Head of Mobility at Salzgitter AG: We appreciate the very good, partner-like cooperation. In recent years, our experience with BCD has always been great. We were very satisfied during the pandemic also. That was certainly a very difficult time for all. But the team stood together and worked really well together.

Inken: What’s the structure of your team at Salzgitter AG in regards to travel management and mobility?

Stephanie: We consolidated across the group in one subsidiary called Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH. From an organizational perspective we’re a part of purchasing. I have a really great team with very nice and well-trained colleagues. So, we take care of everything belonging to traditional travel management, but we’re also responsible for fleet management and event management.

Today at this event the topics are quite exciting. It’s about what currently influences the industry. I was very much looking forward to the event. It’s the first time that we get to meet in person after the pandemic. The first time that we’re coming together even in the industry. Today I have already received many valuable ideas which I’d like to start working on and ideally implement.

Inken: Goal achieved.

Stephanie: Absolutely.

Inken: We work very well together in many aspects. What will you focus on in the future?

Stephanie: Today we have already heard great presentations on the subject of AI, among other things. After all, that’s something that’ll keep us on our toes, and will certainly move the industry in the coming years.

Then there’s sustainability. James Küng gave an insightful presentation. Salzgitter AG itself is on its way to industrial transformation. We’re very committed and very much in the forefront. We have a new, wonderful Chairman of the Board who is driving the topic together with many other colleagues.

Inken: You’re dealing with travel on a daily professional basis. What is it like from a leisure perspective? Do you still like to travel? Or do you prefer not to travel that much anymore? Since you’re dealing with this all day long. And not only with travel but also with mobility round the clock. What is it like for you in your personal life?

Stephanie: So, for me this is quite a fortunate combination, because I also really like to travel. Italy is my favorite place to be. I find Sicily especially wonderful. My professional experience also helps me when I’m faced with travel disruptions on personal trips. Travel is a great topic for me.

Outro: Thank you, Salzgitter AG, for the excellent cooperation and your trust!

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