It’s all about trust, responsiveness and professionalism

In October 2023, Lydie Lambert from BCD’s Marketing & Communications department met with Frédéric Jousseau, Head of General Services & Group Travel at Sodiaal. Frédéric describes his relationship with BCD Travel. For Frédéric, it’s all about trust, responsiveness and professionalism.

Video transcript:

Lydie Lambert (BCD Travel): Hello Frédéric, thank you very much for welcoming us in your office in Paris today. I’m Lydie Lambert, from Marketing at BCD Travel.

Fréderic Jousseau (Sodiaal): Hello Lydie, I’m Frédéric Jousseau, Head of Services and Group Travel Manager at Sodiaal. And welcome!

Lambert: Today, I’d like you to share your experience with BCD Travel as a customer.

Jousseau: It’s been a pleasure to work with BCD Travel, particularly the commercial relationship and the relationship with the travel agents. BCD is always keen to improve its service and also offer new services. And that’s important to us.

Lambert: Fantastic! Do you have an example in mind of how we’ve been able to help your travelers or how we’ve helped you in terms of service?

Jousseau: BCD Travel helped us build and improve our travel policy and improve our service to our travelers.

Lambert: In three words, why BCD?

Jousseau: BCD, for us, is all about trust, responsiveness and the agents’ professionalism.

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