Global professional services firm reduces airport lounge access costs by over 50 percent

A global professional services firm has 130,000 regular travelers often taking complex routes around the world. These travelers spend three hours on average waiting before each flight, with almost 20% experiencing up to six hours of downtime. Travelers, by default, filled that time with unhealthy habits like eating, drinking, and sitting at their gate. These habits also resulted in increased expenses for the firm.

The travel team engaged BCD marketplace partner Sanctifly, a leading traveler wellness club, to provide a companywide membership for their travelers. The Sanctifly membership app gives travelers access to relaxation and fitness options at airports around the world. These options include access to gyms, pools, spas, quiet zones, meditation and yoga spaces, lounges, shower and sleep facilities, and healthy places to eat.

Since the membership rollout in February 2023 the firm has seen a 50% reduction in the cost of airport lounge access. With Sanctifly, the travel team now has a dedicated traveler wellness solution that also reduces in-route spend.

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