Hong Kong customer consolidates travel program in APAC

Regional Program Management support leads to a strong and trusted partnership

A multinational hedge fund and financial services company was originally managed by BCD Travel Hong Kong as a national account. In early 2020, BCD’s national program manager (PM) started to engage and build a strong and trusted relationship with the company’s newly hired travel manager. Later that year, the PM was made aware of client expansions in Singapore and Australia. Based on the PM’s consulting expertise and established trust, the company decided to consolidate all travel in APAC with BCD.

To manage the client’s rapid growth across the region, BCD allocated a part-time regional program manager (RPM), along with a shared service team. The successful consolidation further strengthened the customer’s trust in BCD. In just a few months, the client asked for more support and increased their budget to double the RPM’s allocation. After further expansions in India and Japan, the client now has access to increased RPM support and a dedicated service team in Hong Kong.

During the pandemic, the BCD team went above and beyond to support the customer. They provided real-time travel information, such as country restrictions, airport protocols, airline and hotel policies, testing and vaccination requirements, and mask and quarantine rules. The team also helped identify quarantine hotels in Hong Kong and source service apartments to relocate long-stay travelers in Singapore.   

Over the past three years, BCD’s RPM built a strong and trusted relationship with the client. The RPM continues to support the client in their ongoing relocation activities as well as new projects like exploring credit card solutions in China.

Since consolidating their travel program with BCD, the company has become one of BCD’s top 10 customers in Hong Kong, with an increased annual travel volume from US$ 256K to US$ 2M.

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