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COVID-19: Airline mask policy

As part of their efforts to keep travelers and employees safe, almost all airlines around the world now require passengers to wear a face covering of some sort for the duration of a trip. However, there can be some differences between airlines. These reports detail what airlines currently require.

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Coronavirus and travel bans

After the World Health Organization classified the outbreak as a pandemic, outright bans on travel became more common. Countries are now beginning to ease lockdown measures, including a relaxation of travel restrictions.

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Airport COVID-19 testing

COVID-19 testing is increasingly being seen as a way to safely open up international travel, particularly as more destinations make the presentation of a negative result a condition of entry.

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Business travel issues: Brexit

This document provides a round-up of the latest situation regarding Brexit, drawing largely on the most recent information and advice from the Government of the United Kingdom (U.K.).

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In this time of uncertainty, one thing is true – travel managers are facing more pressure than ever before. Your travel program is in the spotlight and stakeholders are anxious. It’s not just travelers asking questions and seeking reassurance. Your executives are, too. This guide is designed to give you the answers you need to …

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Quality management in business travel

An ACTE Corporate Travel Study in collaboration with BCD Travel. This paper will better help you understand the opportunities and challenges inherent in quality management as well as provide you with insight from industry leaders that will prompt discussion.

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