Quality management in business travel

ACTE and BCD Travel Quality management in Business Travel white paper

When it comes to determining business trip success, what travel managers say is important is different from what they ultimately measure. Those were the findings of a new research project from The Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) and BCD Travel. The paper, Quality Management in Business Travel, was released Oct. 12 ahead of ACTE’s 2018 Paris Global Summit & Corporate Lodging Forum.


New Approaches to Hotel Sourcing

New Approaches to Hotel Sourcing - white paper

Hotel sourcing strategies are ripe for change. A new white paper from the Association of Corporate Travel Executives, underwritten by BCD Travel, shows corporate travel managers are increasingly frustrated with the manual, time-intensive process of hotel requests for proposals.


Get Engaged: Why you should be promoting traveler engagement

Get Engaged: Empowering travelers to make smart buying decisions - BCD Travel white paper

Traveler engagement plays an important role in a successful modern travel program. This paper explores how improved business intelligence, marketing tactics, evolving technologies and the availability of professional consulting services are helping travel managers promote traveler engagement. Get engaged to encourage smart buying decisions that drive savings and support safe travel.


A virtual (payment) reality

A virtual (payment) reality white paper - BCD Travel

Virtual cards have emerged as alternatives to traditional corporate travel  payment solutions, but the hassles associated with them could often outweigh their benefits. This white paper from BCD Travel’s Research & Intelligence division explains how virtual payment automation works and which companies can benefit from it.


Mobilize your travel program

Mobilize your travel program: Engage with the mobile world - BCD Travel white paper

Now that mobile is coming to the forefront of business travel, applications are the next step to ensure your company’s success. Mobile has quickly evolved from an instant messaging tool to a personal command center. Your travelers are using them at home and on the road—making mobile devices a great way to connect with colleagues and the program itself.


Travel risk management

BCD Travel white paper - Travel Risk Management: Keeping business travelers safe and secure

All business travelers face risk when they travel, and that risk is shared by employers. Today’s travel managers fully understand how important travel risk management (TRM) is to their travel program, their travelers and their company. This paper offers expert advice, industry insights and customer case studies on how companies have successfully created travel risk management programs. BCD travel TRM experts offer seven distinct, digestible steps that any company can take to better prepare for travel crises and disruptions.


The rise of the sharing economy

The sharing economy: Does it have a place in your managed travel program? - white paper

Sharing economy suppliers like Airbnb and Uber have set their sights on corporate business. The time is right for travel managers to consider the merits of sharing economy suppliers. Investigate the sharing economy before dismissing it or banning it in its entirety. Advito’s whitepaper explains more about managing travel in a sharing economy.


Hidden spend: Mining a rich new vein of savings

Hidden Spend - BCD Travel white paper

This paper looks at several sub-categories of travel spend that are considerably more hidden, including dining and entertainment, ground transportation and mobile charges. The challenge for travel managers is that travelers buy these services outside of the boundaries of the travel program, so data on this spend can be hard to come by. But, today’s mobile technology and a new generation of virtual service providers are creating new opportunities to book, measure and manage these previously unmanageable sub-categories.