Trane Technologies boosts TripSource use 88%, and hotel savings follow

Trane Technologies rolled out BCD Travel’s TripSource® self-service platform to travelers in six Latin American countries—Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru. The aim was to bring outside spend in through in-program hotel bookings, improve the traveler experience and drive savings.

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Traveler Engagement campaign guides travelers to TripSource

A case study about traveler engagement and how to get travelers start to use TripSource to reach your goals. The corporate travel manager of a California company rolled out BCD Travel’s TripSource® traveler platform to simplify trips through mobile self-booking and more. His challenge was traveler adoption.

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Danfoss’ unified travel strategy simplifies trips and drives savings

Danfoss wanted all of its travelers to have the same high-quality business trip experiences, so the Danish manufacturer changed to serving employees worldwide with one global travel management company, BCD Travel, and SAP Concur’s online booking tool. The result: Savings, compliance, traveler satisfaction and travel team efficiency all improved. The strategy continues to add value. …

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Allgeier taps BCD expertise to boost end-to-end savings

GermanIT services provider Allgeier Enterprise Services worked with us to choose and implement SAP Concur Travel & Expense for booking and managing business trip expenses. The scalable tool cuts travel costs, and it enables self-service options and end-to-end processes that simplify trips for the company’s workforce. It’s a success story rooted in BCD’s more than 15-year partnership with and in-depth knowledge of SAP Concur.

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Go global to boost savings and service

Amid a merger, Springer Nature transformed its travel program into a global operation. Consolidation led to savings of 13% and a 69% increase in hotel-to-trip-night bookings.

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Case study: Springer Nature’s global implementation cuts travel costs 13%

Springer Nature, a leading academic, professional and educational publisher of some of the world’s most influential journals, seized the opportunity presented by a large merger to transform its travel program. A newly released case study outlines the success.

Increasing online bookings was a high priority. BCD helped Springer Nature gain traveler buy-in by crafting a comprehensive yet clear global travel policy; educating travelers about the policy and online booking; and configuring the Concur online booking tool (OBT) to simplify bookings, reduce traveler frustration and increase compliance.

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Engage travelers in your program

LinkedIn launched a campaign to educate employees about benefits of the travel program and encourage them to use it. Traveler satisfaction hit 84%…

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Connect travelers to policy

Pitney Bowes used analytics to understand how travelers were spending, then encouraged them to kick out-of-policy habits—yielding US$2.7 million in savings…

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Influence travelers at the right time

By sending mobile messages to travelers at key moments of decision, Textron cut costs. The reminders increased preferred vendor use by 90%, and savings more than doubled…

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Tie travel to business growth

A global agricultural firm wanted to cut travel costs but not revenue-generating trips. The solution: a virtual collaboration strategy that saved US$5.5 million in five months…

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