Kessie Bratko

Senior Vice President, Global Program Management, BCD Travel

Kessie leverages her extensive knowledge and experience in corporate travel management, meetings & events and consulting to drive organizations’ underlying commercial goals at scale. Kessie is especially adept at helping corporations with complex and mature global travel programs identify opportunities for significant improvement through the execution of traditional and progressive program management (PPM). Kessie understands the critical importance in identifying and acting upon key performance indicators anchored in reliable data, and she excels in building financial dashboards and program analytics to enhance the overall value delivered by the travel management company. She is a leader in innovation with an exceptionally deep understanding of business travel technology, governance and operational work flow. Her ability to understand the fundamental business factors at work within specific business sectors and to leverage an individual company’s business cultural allow her to design highly effective programs uniquely effective for individual clients.

Outside of her professional activities, Kessie brings her high energy and passion to initiatives aimed at sustainability and enhancing the lives of children. A leader in sustainability and social responsibility initiatives, she is an active participant in plastic reduction, carbon emission offsets, DoChange, Nelson Mandela Day and ECPAT.

Speaker topics:

  • Integrated Travel and Meetings
  • Progressive Program Management (PPM)
  • Maturity model evaluations
  • Designing and building governance models
  • Service optimization strategy
  • Digital strategy and execution
  • Spend management and distribution optimization
  • Data management, analytics and visualization
  • Payment strategy and execution