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BCD is the market leader in servicing Aerospace and Defense travel needs in over 100 countries. Get the industry’s best technology on a single global platform that accommodates all traveler types, including non-profiled individuals taking trips for your company. And your travelers get the information, tools, and expert assistance they need to keep moving.

We bring together corporate and government contractor travel expertise to make managing travel simpler - from start to finish

As a market leader in the travel industry and a specialist in servicing the Aerospace and Defense sector, we help companies make the most of what they spend. Get the industry’s best technology on a single global platform that accommodates all traveler types including non-profiled individuals traveling on your company’s business.

And we give travelers information, expert assistance, and tools that keep them safe and productive, and help them make good choices on the road, no matter where they are heading. We help our clients, and their travelers travel smart and achieve more. We make this happen in over 100 countries with a global client retention rate of 98%, the highest in the industry.

Our solutions and processes are tailored to your trip purpose, allowing you to manage your program and government regulatory obligations, while accounting for varied policies, requirements and DCAA reporting.

Having worked with other TMCs, I can say that in comparison BCD is hands down the best TMC. They listen and work with you as opposed to pushing their ‘vision’ for your program. In addition, BCD understands the unique requirements that A&D companies face whereas other TMCs have not taken the time to learn the challenges A&D travel faces.

Mark Stansbury

Global Senior Manager, Travel, Events & Logistics at Lockheed Martin

Government contractors need more than a fulfillment supplier

You need a partner who speaks your language; who understands your industry, your compliance requirements, your challenges, your peers and your future.

For years, BCD has been a leading provider of travel management services to the industries top Aerospace and Defense and Government contracting organizations. We service 25 of the top 100 A&D contractors – close to 40% of the sector client revenue.

Government Contractor Services
Center of Excellence

The only agency that can provide you with a fully customized and progressive, compliant, globally integrated solution across travel, meetings, and consultancy though the Government Contractor Services Center of Excellence.

Within BCD Travel, we support customers in the Defense, Aerospace, Space, Energy & Cyber Security industries. We understand the unique regulations and requirements of Federal contractors and incorporate these into our wholistic service offering. This provides travel guidance and support to Expats, mission critical travel, compliance, audit, temporary duty assignments, deployments, recruiting & global mobility.

Our vast, global experience allows us to bring new strategy and solutions to your travel program. We understand how critical the innovative core is to deliver the right cost effective and compliant solutions to meet your needs.

Government compliance

With unique Government requirements including Fly America Act, Federal Acquisition Regulations, Per Diems, Data Security and DCAA & Internal Audits, we recognize that Government contractors cannot be managed as ‘typical’ corporate programs. Given our footprint, expertise, and client base, we’ve developed a Government Contractor Center of Excellence.

Our improved outcomes

Given our broad exposure to a spectrum of government contractor organizations, we remain educated on government compliance regulations and updates that impact travel programs, customize travel programs to meet client-specific needs based on regulatory changes, and provide compliance benchmarks and policy insights via customer forums or targeted consultation.

We understand how integrity, transparency and collaboration are paramount to managing a successful travel program, and we deliver against these every day.

  • Government contractor certification for agents
  • Online vs. agency customizable support / solutions
  • VIP service offering
  • Expat
  • Deployment / Repatriation
  • Relocation
  • Non-profiled travelers
    • Recruiting, candidate, and applicant travel
    • Compliant sponsored guest process
  • Evacuation Support
  • Benchmarking and Support
    • A&D Client Forum
      • Facilitate client collaboration with BCD Travel and one another toward innovative solutions
      • Benchmark “best” and “next” practices for continuous program improvements
    • Partner with industry associations (e.g., GBTA) to develop training and network with other industry professionals supporting the A&D sector
  • Consultation
  • Global program governance
  • Holistic program consultation and design
  • Integrated Travel & Meetings
  • Outsourced roles
  • Progressive Program Management (PPM)
  • Sustainability practices
  • Fly America Act (FAA)
  • Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)
  • Per Diem Allowable / Unallowable Expense
  • Expatriate travel / non-U.S.-based – U.S. employees
  • ITAR – International Traffic Arms Regulations
  • Auditable Solutions / DCAA audit support
  • Real-time global data
  • Security tracking and duty of care
  • Evacuation support
  • Benchmarking within this vertical

Consultancy & sourcing

Our clients benefit from our rich experience and dedicated expertise in this vertical through best practices, benchmarking, and resource intelligence. Government contracting organizations need a different kind of support from program design to technology, traveler experience to consultation. That’s why BCD is working across our organization to provide cohesion of strategy, best practices, and consultation to our customers.

Our expanded service offerings break free from traditional models to further enhance travel programs, leverage cost and improve experience.

Our regular connectivity, customer surveys, benchmarking and external validation allow us to deliver to you our learnings from managing more than 25 A&D customers across 40+ countries.

Consulting from

Supplier sourcing to maximize savings

Traveler engagement

Sustainability initiatives

Services that cater to the specific needs of expatriate travelers on long-term assignments

Data, reporting & security

Throughout the life of the booking process, we gather and transfer booking and transactional data to our state-of-the-art reporting tools and via client approved APIs to third parties designed to facilitate compliance to travel policy and government requirements, maximize travel program savings and analytics, and ensure the safety of travelers no matter way they travel around the world.

We go beyond the transaction to ensure your travelers are safe while on the road and in many cases, high risk areas of the world, through our digital platforms, services, robust reporting and integration with your security services. Our oversight and proactive care allow for business continuity and quick response, should the need arise.

Duty of care solutions

Security safeguards and protections

BCD's security attestations

Global Quality and Security Standard
Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification
Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange
Payment Card Security Standards
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Audit Controls Report

I highly recommend using BCD’s DecisionSource “My Page” functionality. Upon launching the reporting tool I am able to view our top market pairs, flown carriers, hotel cities and agency vs. online bookings without having to run separate reports.

Judy Rupp

Supplier Manager, Travel Program at
General Dynamics Mission Systems

Awards, recognition and memberships

We’re honored that our work, members and company are repeatedly recognized by our clients and the industry.

Lockheed Martin

Recognition for Emergency Evacuation from Balad Air Base in Iraq – January 2020


Partner 2 Win Supplier Scorecard / High Marks since 2018

Jacobs Engineering

20 years with renewals and globalization

Military Spouse Employment (MSEP)

BCD Travel is a member of the Military Spouse Employment (MSEP)

GBTA WINiT Male Ally of the Year

BCD's President and CEO John Snyder has been recognized for supporting women in the travel industry

Industry nimbleness to adapt to ever-changing priorities impacting A&D customer travel programs

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