Erol Arkan

Vice President, Global Solutions Engineering, BCD Travel

Erol is a technology expert dedicated to putting the right combination of useful, intuitive and enjoyable products into the hands of travelers and corporate travel managers. With over two decades of experience designing, developing and implementing award-winning technology solutions, his true aptitude lies in identifying underlying business needs and understanding the practical implications of travel trends and innovations to ensure their organizations’ commercial success at scale—globally.

His first-hand experience in product development, product management and technology consulting—as well as his experience as a corporate road warrior himself—provides him with an intimate, relatable understanding of the customer experience amongst an ever-changing environment of digital services and distribution landscape. Prior to joining BCD, Erol led a team of product managers and solution engineers who executed Sabre’s strategic vision and roadmap through technology integration for clients and prospects. An authentic globalist, he’s lived in the U.S., Germany and United Kingdom and has worked in 31 countries. He currently resides in London.

Speaker topics:

  • The evolution of user experience (UX)
  • Solving complex challenges requiring solutions at scale
  • Analysis of where the market is struggling and why
  • Identifying the practical implications of new technology
  • Designing solutions for actual problems
  • Technology as a solution
  • Technology problem-solving for commercial realities
  • Models for integration that reduce customization costs