BCD wins BTN awards for helping protect the planet

BCD received the “Achievement in Sustainability – TMC” recognition at the 2024 Business Travel Sustainability Awards & Summit for Europe and the Americas. The awards were announced May 8 and May 14 at BTN events in New York City and London.

East meets West: A business traveler’s guide to Singapore

With origins dating back as far as the 14th century, the modern city-state of Singapore in Southeast Asia has evolved into a bustling hub of business and innovation. Today, rich and diverse cultures, efficient infrastructure, and world-class dining and entertainment options abound across this destination. Will you be heading to Singapore soon? Then check out this guide with tips from resident and BCD staffer Agnes Heng.

The power of connection: Generations at work

For Global Intergenerational Week 2024, BCD Travel celebrates the power of intergenerational connections at work. Here’s what our people had to say about belonging, what they value and life at BCD.

Report: Taking real climate action

Together with our marketplace partner, goodcarbon, we’re looking at ways we can engage in responsible climate actions that will make a difference to the climate crisis. This new report, “Moving beyond climate neutrality claims: Taking real climate action,” illustrates how companies can effectively reduce emissions and use carbon credits responsibly.

BCD cracks the code to delivering travel program data in an instant

BCD cracks the code on how to deliver travel program data in an instant

We get it. Travel managers are busy. They need answers and insights fast – but massaging and analyzing travel data isn’t exactly a speedy process. Getting answers from travel data generally involves waiting and hours of sorting pivot tables. Not anymore. Not for BCD clients. Enter Instant Query (IQ), a new feature within our flagship DecisionSource® platform that does just what its name suggests: provides answers in an instant.

Will business travelers need Olympic strength to visit Paris during the Games?

Millions of people are headed to France’s capital city and surrounding regions this summer for the 2024 Olympic Games. Expect inflated costs and the inevitable delays and strains caused by the influx of people. Rescheduling or moving business travel plans to dates outside of the events is advised. If business trips to Paris are unavoidable during the Games, here’s what you should consider.

AI in business travel: A report for fans and skeptics

Artificial Intelligence in Business Travel: A report for fans and skeptics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is arguably one of the hottest topics in our industry right now – but are business travel professionals on board, skeptical, or somewhere in between? BCD and the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) asked over 700 industry professionals for their thoughts on AI during GBTA Europe and GBTA APAC conferences last year.

A business traveler’s guide to Berlin

Berlin, Germany’s vibrant and bustling capital city, is a main European business hub. It’s home to industries like life sciences, media and music, information and communication technologies, transportation, environmental sciences and more. Whether you’re traveling there for meetings or conferences – here’s a guide to navigating the city, with tips from local resident and BCD staffer Stefan Neumann.

What we’re learning about neurodiversity in business travel 

By some accounts, as much as 25% of the world’s population is neurodivergent. Neurodiversity Celebration Week, observed March 18-24, seeks to transform how neurodivergent individuals are perceived and received in work and personal spaces. Our friends at United Airlines visited the Connections podcast to talk about what United is doing to drive awareness and inclusion. We also asked some of the panelists from the recent Neurodiversity in Travel Online Mini Summit 2024 what they’ve learned.

Trends report ranks top 10 cities for European business travelers

Amsterdam and New York were the most visited cities for European business travelers last year, according to BCD flight and car rental data in 2023 in a range of markets. The findings have been compiled into BCD’s Cities & Trends Europe 2023 Edition. The report ranks the top destinations for European business travelers with insights into how they travel.

What it takes to manage travel for a humanitarian agency

From an operational base in Guardiagrele, Italy, a team of seven BCD Travel agents support an international humanitarian agency in managing complex journeys to destinations affected by wars, health emergencies, and poverty. Often the agents must act swiftly to move humanitarian workers into precarious situations that hundreds or thousands of others are fleeing.

Have times really changed for women in business travel?

International Women’s Day 2024 is an occasion for us all to #InspireInclusion in our personal and work spaces. The “Connections with BCD Travel” podcast is celebrating the movement with a special episode featuring Carolyn Pearson, CEO of inclusive travel safety organization Maiden Voyage, and BCD’s Miriam Moscovici, Simone Gray and Hazel Smith. Our guests and co-hosts together challenge the question: Have times really changed for women in business travel?

The business of mobility: China’s emerging corporate travel trends

Emerging travel trends in China

Corporate travel will play a vital role in China’s return to economic normalcy and healthy commercial activity. In a country where the pace of economic evolution is matched by pioneering advancements in transportation and technology, China’s return to corporate travel is an emphatic reminder that personal connections matter, too. Our latest report, ”Emerging travel trends in China,” lends broader context to what’s unfolding in the region.

Are women better listeners than men?

We don’t actually know. What we do know is you all should be listening to the new 2024 episodes of Connections with BCD Travel podcast. Co-hosts Miriam Moscovici and Chad Lemon are back for their “sophomore season” with an amazing lineup, including new segments, compelling topics, and unexpected guests.

What you need to know for your Zürich business trip

Zürich, the financial hub of Switzerland, blends centuries-old charm with modern sensibilities. Known as one of the world’s most livable places, the city sprawls along the banks of the River Limmat, which is fed by the famous Lake Zürich. Easily navigable by car, train, bike and walking, Zürich is a top 10 destination for BCD clients.