Traveler Wellness Survey Infographic

This survey explores the importance of traveler wellness and the corporate initiatives intended to improve the traveler experience. The results are based on an online survey of 53 travel managers worldwide conducted in November 2018. According to the outcome, a big gap exists between the wellness initiatives travel managers find important and those that are actually in place, especially when it comes to health and work-life balance.

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2019 Industry Forecast Infographic

Global hotel rates will increase around the world by 1-3% in 2019 and air fares by 1-2% in most markets, according to leading business travel management company BCD Travel’s newly released 2019 Industry Forecast. The increase in hotel rates is largely due to demand growth slightly outpacing supply in most markets. Air fares are expected to remain flat in Africa, decrease 2% in Latin America and increase by 1% or 2% in all other regions.

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Hidden spend Infographic

Hidden Spend infographic - BCD Travel

Mining a rich new vein of savings: Most companies carefully manage air, hotel, car and rail. But those categories account for only 3/4 of your total travel spend. The remaining 25% of the travel budget gets sucked up by “hidden” categories that companies neither manage nor track.

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