Meet the team: BCD Travel Life Sciences Center of Excellence

As the leading life sciences travel management and meetings company, BCD’s Life Science Center of Excellence (LSCOE) services over 100 organizations in this sector across travel, meetings and consulting, including 90% of the top 20 pharmas in the world. Get to know the team.

Teri Miller, Executive Vice President, Global Client Team and Life Sciences Center of Excellence Executive Sponsor, BCD Travel

Teri leads the Global Client Team responsible for optimizing overall programs, including consulting and meetings, for many of BCD Travel’s largest global customers. She previously served as Senior Vice President, Global Client Management, overseeing a portfolio of global customers based in the Americas, including those in the life sciences, banking, entertainment, technology, manufacturing and retail sectors. She has worked in travel for more than 35 years. TERI ON LINKEDIN >

Ashley Williams, MBA, Vice President, Life Sciences Center of Excellence, BCD Meetings & Events

At BCD Meetings & Events, Ashley serves as Vice President of Life Sciences Center of Excellence. Her expertise and experience include significant operational and strategic account leadership driving strategy, operation execution, people management, and revenue growth. With responsibility for 20+ large Pharma global accounts and large operational teams, she keeps abreast of industry trends and market conditions to drive continuous improvement that delivers better services and products for organizations, patient travelers and caregivers. ASHLEY ON LINKEDIN >

Kendra Cassels, Director, Solutions Enablement, Life Sciences Center of Excellence, BCD Travel

Kendra strengthens the power of the LSCOE through consolidation of BCD’s global expertise and partnership development with key industry players. She creates value for our life sciences customers by driving thought leadership initiatives and compiling vertical-specific benchmarking insights. Kendra has over ten years of experience in corporate travel management. Prior to her current role, she supported the Global Marketing & Communications team across a variety of functions, including PR, events and social media. KENDRA ON LINKEDIN >

Shirley Stroud, Senior Compliance Manager, Life Sciences Center of Excellence, BCD Travel

Shirley has more than a decade of experience in healthcare, management, quality assurance, training, and leadership. Prior to joining BCD, she worked at a healthcare institution for eight years, where she gained knowledge of patient education, advocacy, social work, interpretive services, and scheduling. Currently, she works in a team managing U.S. compliance requirements for meetings, speaker bureau programs and travel related to our life sciences business. SHIRLEY ON LINKEDIN >

Heather Morrow, Medical Communications Manager, Life Sciences Center of Excellence, BCD Travel

Heather serves as the Medical Communications Manager for the Life Sciences Center of Excellence, connecting healthcare and life sciences audiences with the tools and information that BCD offers to elevate patient experience. She earned her master of science degree in healthcare administration from the Oklahoma State Center for Health Sciences and her bachelor’s degree in journalism and public relations from Oklahoma State University. She has worked in health communications for more than 15 years, having extensive experience with the nephrology, oncology, and psychiatric treatment and patient communities. She has both professional and personal passion for patient education and advocacy, having served on the board of directors for the Oklahoma Eating Disorders Association, organized seminars for dialysis patients in three states, and coordinated summer camps for children and families in the cardiology and oncology communities. HEATHER ON LINKEDIN >

In this episode of the Connections with BCD Travel podcast, Teri Miller, Executive Vice President, and Ashley Williams, Global Vice Present, talk about lessons from the life sciences that we all can apply and why listening and working together to understand needs is paramount to business success. Also, find out how the combined power of BCD’s technology makes the journey seamless for travelers with specific needs.

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