How to reduce burdens on patient travelers and caregivers

For someone living with acute or chronic illness, travel can seem daunting, especially if the person is taking a trip to address their health. The BCD Life Sciences Center of Excellence (LSCOE) partners with organizations to offer solutions that reduce burdens on patient travelers and their caregivers.

3 ways your organization can assist travelers with improved experiences, tools, and support on their journeys

1. Address travel anxiety with Patient Engagement Managers.

Travel-associated anxiety ranges from a minor inconvenience to a debilitating condition. Common fears include navigating new places, fear of flying, or fear of experiencing motion sickness. Patients may experience these anxieties along with concerns about managing their illnesses. The specialized BCD patient desk offers the compassionate support of Patient Engagement Managers (PEMs) as a single point of contact for patient travelers. All PEMs have either a formal medical or caregiving background, ensuring an understanding person with expertise is available to patients during their journey.

2. Reduce the financial burden of travel.

Cost can be a factor when patients consider whether to travel on behalf of an organization. Many do not have the resources to cover the cost of air, ground, and hotel accommodations out of pocket while they await reimbursement. BCD helps reduce the patient financial burden by offering organizations practical and customizable solutions like upfront payments and timely reimbursement. Patients are able to participate in travel with ease while providing deeper, but still appropriate, spend and reconciliation transparency for sponsoring organizations.

3. Establish rapport through communication.

Most people, patients included, have more positive travel experiences when they have clear expectations and feel as if their needs are addressed. Because BCD is one of the top travel management companies globally, patient travelers have the benefit of leveraged supplier relationships at their fingertips. Our supplier partners allow us to create solutions for special needs – ones that bring direct benefit to traveling patients. Working with BCD staff, patient travelers can expect a customized experience that reduces the traditional burdens of travel and improves overall experience.

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