Corporate Travel Payment methods and solutions

Business travel payment

Behaviors are shifting, review your payment strategy

Contactless and central corporate travel payment solutions are the wave of the future. Our BCD payment offers are focused on increasing efficiency, driving savings and engaging travelers.

New technologies are influencing the evolution of payment solutions. There is a growing expectation for new value-add services to make business travel simpler, more secure and take the burden of payment off the traveler.
And at BCD Travel we are committed to providing exactly that – solutions that are digital, more secure and smarter. We offer payment solutions to meet the needs of every travel program.

corporate travel payment by a women making contactless payment in the restaurant

Invisible payment

We’re focused on the digital products that take the pain points out of travel, drive compliance and reduce spend. Our Virtual Payment Automation (VPA) products remove the burden of payment from the traveler and provide program managers with faster reconciliation processes and a better understanding of travel spend.

Cash flow is more important than ever. Are there any missed opportunities for you to rethink?


Unused tickets – Since COVID-19 was classified as a global pandemic, airlines have canceled millions of flights due to government travel bans, global and local health restrictions or low consumer demand. How can you best navigate the situation? Different angles need to be considered to find the solutions that work best for everyone involved. The financial need, operational impact and the longstanding relationship with certain airlines must all be taken into consideration.

Are you reclaiming Value Added Tax (VAT) on your travel expenses? Did you know up to 12% of your travel costs could be reclaimed according to VATBOX. You can reclaim VAT on many travel costs including: hotel, meals, car rental…and even conferences or events. VAT is the most important indirect tax in the world in most countries in the world except the U.S.!

American Express, a BCD Travel preferred card issuer.


At BCD Travel our preferred card issuer is American Express. The American Express Corporate Card, Business Travel Account (BTA) and vPayment products can all be fluidly integrated in our travel management payment flow. You get enhanced data and travelers get a proven and secure form of payment. And because we want to offer the solutions that are right for your program, we accept all commercial cards and send enhanced data for alternate lodge cards to many card schemes as well.

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