Discover how business travel should be

Traveling for business

Traveling for business is fun, but it also takes up a lot of valuable time and energy. In most cases you’re wasting time finding and booking the right trip, waiting for the plane to take off or trying to find the best way to your meeting location. Ever wondered if there’s an easier way to deal with business travel?

Stay organized, informed and in control

Meet TripSource®, your perfect travel companion. Get access to your trip details anytime, anywhere. Select the best hotel for your trip, from over a million shopping opportunities, whenever it suits you best. With real-time flight notifications you can act quickly on any change. Or get another cup of coffee in case of a delay. And there’s so much more that TripSource can do for you.

We’re just a call away

We’re offering more than just smart technology. It’s good to know that you never travel alone. Our experienced agents are always there to help out with more complex trips. In case of emergencies we make sure you can continue your trip safely; whether that’s on wards or back home to your family and friends.

We’re here to help you to travel smart and achieve much more with your business trips.

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88% of travelers would like to have access to all their favorite content in one app. If you’re one of them, TripSource is the right tool for you. Learn more

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