Hotel Price Assurance

Boost traveler confidence and your bottom line.

Traveler confidence is everything. Always getting the best hotel rates boosts their confidence and your bottom line.

Even if your travelers book in policy, there is no guarantee the price won’t drop before the trip. Hotel Price Assurance monitors price to ensure the best rates for your travelers right up until the stay.

Hotel Price Assurance benefits your program with no disruption to the traveler.

Over 99% like for like

(for amenities like breakfast, cancellation policy and parking)

Our new fully automated solution is now
a standard value offering to every program.

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wholly-owned markets

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VPA Integration:
A fully integrated end-to-end solution with no additional costs

After the hotel is booked we automatically check for better rates.

If a better rate is found, we’ll automatically rebook.

How it works

Room is booked via any BCD channel.

Price is monitored for a better rate at the same hotel.

Better rate is found, and our technology automatically rebooks the room.

Traveler is notified of the change and receives an updated itinerary with a new confirmation number.

Data is captured in monthly reports, helping you track potential and realized savings.

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