Eliminate fear and financial worry for clinical trial participants

One major barrier to clinical trial participation is economic stability. Many people, especially those experiencing health crises, simply do not have the financial means to participate in the trials. The BCD Travel Life Sciences Center of Excellence (LSCOE) works with organizations to remove financial barriers to patient access, helping increase participation and decrease trial attrition.

BCD’s direct pay options put travel in reach for patients and caregivers

Airfare, ground travel, and hotel accommodation for one round trip to a clinical trial destination can quickly tally into the hundreds of dollars. Compound these expenses by multiple trips during the course of a clinical trial, and one can easily understand why fronting travel and accommodation expenses is out of reach for many patients and families. Partnering with BCD Travel gives sponsoring organizations leveraged supplier relationships. BCD’s Life Sciences Center of Excellence has long-standing, established relationships and processes that allow for direct pay, removing the financial onus of airfare and hotel from the patient. BCD also offers timely, streamlined patient reimbursement solutions.

Putting the voice and needs of the patient first is no longer a “nice to have.” The BCD Life Sciences Center of Excellence team believes a patient-centered program should go beyond data and design to address the unmet needs associated with the patient as a person.


Remove fear of the unknown through compassionate engagement

Meaningful patient engagement goes far beyond logistics. If patients don’t understand how to access clinical trial information or how to wade through complicated processes, they are not likely to commit to participation. By offering individualized and sophisticated patient engagement campaigns, BCD experts use the right message to the right channel matching health literacy and communication styles.

Further, Patient Engagement Managers (PEMs) provide elevated support and act as a single point of contact for patient travelers. PEMs are required to have a background in healthcare or caregiving. They intuitively and empathetically apply their expertise and training to anticipate client needs and customize solutions that keep the focus on the well-being of the patient. For additional reassurance, patient engagement is extended well beyond booking. The PEM maintains regular contact with the patient throughout their journey for all travel, logistics and payment needs. Alternatively, PEMS coordinate with designated customer staff, such as patient navigators, to leverage integrated technologies for a seamless end-to-end experience.

BCD’s Life Sciences Center of Excellence has established, award-winning solutions that can help your organization increase clinical trial participation and patient experience.


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