Automated trip approvals are best defense for Safran security team

The security team of an international aerospace and defense firm relied on an outmoded spreadsheet to track travel bookings to high-risk countries. Here’s how BCD Travel remedied the manual trip approval process.

BCD Travel successfully integrates automated trip approvals into client's security process.

Safran, an aerospace and defense firm headquartered in France and serving clients worldwide via 13 subsidiaries, used a spreadsheet to track employees’ travel bookings to high-risk countries. The data capture and management process was manual and involved:

  • Capturing and recording travelers’ whereabouts
  • Providing travelers with timely and relevant security information about their destination
  • Storing travelers’ correct email addresses (not that of the travel arranger or traveler’s assistant) for communication purposes

Safran’s process was unwieldy and subject to vulnerabilities from human error. We implemented Trip Authorizer, our automated trip approval solution, to track and support all travelers with greater accuracy and efficiency and help the firm comply with French law and duty of care.

BCD Travel trip authorization

Built on BCD’s proprietary technology platform, our trip authorization solution is:

  • Configurable to client policies, rules and approval paths
  • Multichannel for online and offline bookings
  • Automated to filter, flag and notify approvers – and travelers – in real time, across multiple devices

It provides customized options specific to Safran’s security program and helps risk managers make informed decisions and take quick action when needed. Now, Safran’s security team works with one standard process and can quickly identify hazardous trips to maximize their travelers’ safety before the trip begins. For bookings to countries defined as medium or high risk by Safran standards, Trip Authorizer automatically applies an agreed process to prohibit unsafe actions.

Medium-risk response: If a subsidiary security manager receives an alert that an employee is planning travel to a medium-risk destination, Trip Authorizer will only accept hotel bookings at approved properties within the country. The tool also blocks car rentals in countries where renting has been found to be unsafe.

High- or extreme-risk response: Bookings to high- or extreme-risk destinations, including places where armed escort is required, are blocked until the employee is trained and aware of the country’s risks.

As countries’ risk levels can quickly evolve according to the situation, e.g., war, terrorism, or political unrest, Safran’s security team regularly reviews risks to adapt the Trip Authorizer process. They can easily adapt their approval process in response to changing risks.


BCD’S trip approval solution for Mondelēz International helps make sure travelers reach destinations on time.

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