As COVID-19 threat levels rose, Mondelēz International revamped travel processes to protect employees


In February 2020, Mondelēz International changed the security status for all locations around the world to High Risk level 4. This meant that all business travel would need approval from the company’s security team.

Mondelēz International introduced a three-tier authorization process, requiring approval from two business critical approvers and the regional security teams.


Within a few hours, BCD was able to put all online booking tools (OBTs) on hold and update the new process in Trip Authorizer, BCD’s automated trip approval solution.

Travelers can still use some OBTs to check dates, times and fares, but the online booking feature is disabled. Travelers needing to make reservations are redirected to an offline agent team.

BCD runs daily reports to check all bookings for compliance and resolves any challenges with approval deadlines or technical issues.


With the continuous monitoring and reporting, BCD ensures all travelers reach their destinations as scheduled.

The security team is completely aware of all employees’ travel plans, including departure, arrival, destination, car and hotel details.

Employees feel safe and comfortable about traveling, knowing that their company ranks duty of care and employee safety as a top priority.

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