Digital Health Passes

While the level of recognition of the different digital health pass offerings may presently be quite low, and many of the solutions still have some way to go in their development and roll-out, the value that they offer on the path to safe travel is clearly understood by business travelers. That’s the view shared by a panel of 844 business travelers we surveyed during the second half of February 2021.

While an effective vaccine understandably tops their list of what they need to give them the confidence to resume regular travel, they recognize that other developments and measures have a place too. Among these, digital health passes will have an important enabling role to play by helping travelers navigate and comply with each destination’s specific (and changing) requirements for testing, quarantine, and vaccination.

Once borders begin to reopen, travelers can expect to need to verify their health status at flight check-in and confirm it on arrival at their destination. As proof of testing and vaccination is likely to remain for some time as a solution for reopening international borders, so too will the digital health passes that support it.

We refer to these solutions as digital health passes, rather than passports, as this is the term used by most of the companies developing them. What’s more, we feel the term passport implies their use will be confined to crossing borders, while digital health passes are likely to have applications beyond international travel.

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