BCD’s invoice data set can help ease spend management woes

An invoice data set, delivered by a BCD Invoice API, has been made available to customers to help streamline the spend management process. The data set can combine traveler trip information with the financial details of a ticket transaction, fare and tax breakdown, ticket status, and even the status of each individual coupon within a ticket. Later this year, the data collection also will include receipt images for BCD and non-BCD invoices.

BCD Travel makes Invoice Data Set API available to clients

Belgium software company Mobilexpense is the first BCD partner to develop against this advanced collection of invoice data with a goal to simplify and speed up the expense process for BCD travelers. Mobilexpense will pre-populate expense reports with trip and invoice data saving travelers time, increasing accuracy and creating reliable spend insights for finance teams. 

BCD’s invoice API automates the T&E process, regardless of how bookings are made

“We believe that the connection between the Mobilexpense platform and BCD Travel’s invoice API will allow us to improve the traveler experience by automating their travel expense process, regardless of how the booking took place,” said Thibaud De Keyzer, CEO of Mobilexpense. “It further enables us to provide an accurate, real-time calculation of the total trip cost for an improved expense reconciliation and settlement process.” 

“We make this enriched data available to our customers and technology partners in near real-time through open APIs to solve a variety of use cases for travelers, travel managers and finance teams,” said Yannis Karmis, senior vice president of Product Planning and Development at BCD Travel. “Our invoice collection is an example of a targeted data set that, in this case, helps us collectively mitigate some of the challenges of T&E spend management for customers.” 

The Invoice API already helps power our proprietary BCD Pay spend management platform. BCD will keep investing heavily in the infrastructure, processes and programming of multi-source data to connect its platforms and systems, drive operational efficiencies and provide actionable insights.

The Invoice API is available to customers and developer partners through the BCD Developer Hub.  

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