How do I build a better travel management company RFP?

How can you build a better TMC RFP?

Is your RFP really accomplishing its mission?

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are you really serious about change, or just testing the market?
    Don’t waste time on an RFP if what you really want is better pricing. Just press your current vendor with an annual price review.
  2. Are you including all the right stakeholders in the process and are they helping write the RFP?
    A short list of interested parties should include: HR, IT, Security, Legal, Operations and Procurement, as well as travel managers and frequent travelers.
  3. Can you precisely articulate your company’s specific needs?
    Too many RFPs are a template grabbed from an industry resource, with little attempt made to focus on unique challenges your company is facing.
  4. Do you understand your travelers?
    Why do they go rogue and book outside your current program? If you are not sure, send them a survey and find out – prior to writing your bid document.
  5. Are you able to handle a large bid process?
    If not, consider hiring a firm to help you manage the document creation, meetings, research and review processes for you.
  6. Have you thoroughly analyzed your data?
    Provide granular transactional data to all bidders. If you want a different TMC, then you need to make sure it’s not just your incumbent with this type of extensive internal knowledge.

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