How do I get a handle on total business travel spend?

Business Intelligence (BI) is the key to a view into how far you’ve come and where you still want to go

Managing business travel spend across your organization isn’t easy. While some costs are obvious, others can be hidden. Travelers make purchases through different channels with different currencies and suppliers. By capturing all the pertinent data to really know your total travel spend, you can determine the true impact of travel on your bottom line.  You can build more accurate budgets, forecasts and ROI calculations.  You can present your data in terms everyone in your organization understands. With complete data, you can:

  • Craft stronger agreements with vendors
  • Influence traveler decisions
  • Measure the success of your program
  • Get a handle on total travel spend to get a better handle on your program

Not feeling comfortable with the way your current Travel Management Company (TMC) manages your spend? Now may be the time to contact us and ask for your no-obligation travel program health diagnostic.

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