Success story

Kellogg’s KTravel is a program re-built for change.

The travel department has transformed into an end-to-end powerhouse that simplifies trips and expenses, drives savings and furthers companywide goals…

Seeing beyond the horizon helps you plan a travel program that remains relevant and engages travelers

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Are you ready for what lies ahead?

At BCD Travel, Advito and BCD Meetings & Events, we help our clients look beyond their daily concerns. We look beyond the horizon toward the future.

Beyond the horizon

Business intelligence.
It’s time to move from static spreadsheets to dynamic data visualizations—and set the stage for predictive scenarios. We’ve got the power to combine data from multiple sources for better travel program management and control. Let’s go there.

Traveler engagement.
Unleash the power of your travelers. Engage and influence them, then guide them toward decisions that help you manage spend, improve safety and boost their satisfaction on the road. Give your travelers the ability to help themselves en route, while moving your program closer to important company goals. We have the tools to make it all happen.

Better hotel strategies.
To achieve the results you’re looking for, think beyond getting more hotel content from multiple sources.

With the right hotel strategy, you can increase savings and have all the content you need—without sacrificing safety and security, business intelligence or traveler satisfaction.


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