How to introduce diversity, equity and inclusion into your business travel program

The business travel industry is displaying increased interest in diversity, equity and inclusion, but converting conversation into action is slow going for buyers and suppliers who often aren’t sure where to start. BCD Travel Senior Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion Yvette Bryant shares four practical and actionable ways travel managers can begin to integrate DE&I into business travel programs. Read more

How to beat jet lag: Help for business travelers

Flying halfway across the world can affect your business travelers’ wellbeing and productivity, especially if they’re new to long trips or just resuming them following a travel hiatus. While there’s no easy way to beat jet lag, there are a few things travel teams can do to help ease traveler journeys. Read more

How to spring clean your business travelers’ profiles

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your garage. Now is the time to give your traveler profile database a good scrub down. Things happen: travelers retire or leave the company; organizations reorganize workforces; and employees who used to travel won’t do so in the future. Updating traveler profile information should happen at least annually and will require action from travelers and travel managers. Read more

How to write a travel policy

When it’s time to travel for business, employees need to know what’s allowed, when to book, what supplier to book – and most importantly, why. A well-crafted travel policy provides a consistent, safe, managed and cost-controlled framework that leads to wise travel decisions. Here’s the BCD Travel guide to writing a travel policy for your program. Read more