How to be good to your dog while traveling for business

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Keeping in touch with your dog while traveling for work could be just the thing to help you recharge after a day of meetings and networking. We can’t prove it but face-to-face time with your furry (or feathered or hooved) friends is probably good for your overall wellbeing. Pet cameras, two-way radios and other tech toys let you talk and play with your pets and deliver treats from afar. Keep reading for suggestions.

Get an automated feeder to take care of your pet’s meals while you’re on vacation

Picture it. Travel day: You made it to your gate with time to spare… and then remember you didn’t fill your pet’s food bowl. The solution? Automated pet feeders that can be programmed to dispense food or treats on schedule.

Consider an interactive pet cam to keep an eye on your dog while you’re on vacation.

Image of Jorge Cruz, BCD’s Executive Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing
Jorge Cruz, BCD’s Executive Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing

No doubt you’ve wondered how often your pet wanders into forbidden areas when they think no one’s around. Invest in a pet or security camera you can connect to and view over your smart device. For extra razzle dazzle, add a two-way radio or a laser pointer you can manipulate virtually. Your pet will either really love it or tear your entire home to pieces trying to figure out where you’re hiding. The pet cam might also help you figure out who eats your snacks when you’re away. Jorge Cruz, BCD’s Executive Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing confessed he’s a HUGE fan and regular user of PetChatz, a two-way device that proclaims itself “the Digital Daycare for the Home Alone Pets.”

Take them with you.

Pets and business trips? We love this idea. Just don’t invite them to your best and final presentation. Do make sure you’re educated on the rules and regulations for traveling with pets vs. service animals. Fully trained service dogs are typically permitted on planes and trains, provided they meet all legal requirements.

Know before you go:

  • which destinations allow travel with pets
  • emotional support animals, comfort animals, companionship animals, and service animals in training are not service animals and may be subject to different rules, restrictions and considerations
  • fees and transportation regulations may vary for pets, service dogs, cargo pets and carry-on pets
  • the recommended distance or length of time pets/services animals should fly
  • how far in advance you should book pet ticketing
  • where in the airport or train station your pet/service animal can relieve itself
  • what documentation you’ll need to provide, e.g., ID tags, proof of vaccination, health certifications
  • kennel and carrier requirements (where needed)
  • applicable animal quarantine laws

Return home bearing gifts for your dog or sitter as a thank you.

Pick up a couple of surprises to show your spoiled pet bestie how glad you are to see them. You can’t miss with toys, plushies, cuddles and extra snacks. You may want to grab treats or pizza for your favorite humans, too.

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How to be good to your dog while traveling for business

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