Research Snapshot: Travel policy post-pandemic

Travel buyers and travelers have different views about the policy options that matter most to their post-pandemic travel decisions.

BCD Travel Research & Innovation conducted surveys in summer and fall this year to understand what travel policy items mattered most to travelers and travel buyers. From the 106 travel buyers surveyed in October and the 738 travelers polled in July, BCD’s researchers learned that the two groups aren’t fully aligned in their priorities. Stakeholders can use these insights for program adjustments that meet travelers needs pre-, during and post-trip and to satisfy company objectives.

Findings: Travelers and buyers aren’t exactly on the same page

Employee freedom to decide to travel or not, prioritization of direct flights and mandatory vaccination rank highly among both groups. Disparities exist in other areas. Health and well-being support for travelers is No. 1 among buyers’ priorities: 77% indicate it’s crucial to have, while only 40% of travelers include it in their selections. Fifty-eight percent (58%) of travelers want an easy approval process; only 40% of buyers want the same. Extras when flying, e.g., seat upgrades or lounge access, are also much higher on travelers’ lists.

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