Ask questions and use data to drive green behavior in your travel program

A guest blog from Climate Neutral Group, a BCD Travel SolutionSource partner.

Incorporating sustainability into travel programs and policies creates positive impact for the environment, your organization and travelers. As travel recovers, companies must examine ways to refit their programs for the future. Defining or refining sustainability initiatives is a critical part of the strategy. These five tips can help get you started:

  1. Start by asking questions to gather insights. Pre-COVID, what was your business travel footprint? What is the organizational footprint now? Where do you see the gains for your business in CO2 savings and cost savings?
  2. Establish sustainability ambitions and set goals. Share them with your travelers; your organization’s stakeholders, e.g., human resources, purchasing and finance; and your external partners, including your TMC.
  3. Consider what the insights show you about travel behavior and your travelers’ associated footprints. Know why travelers are on the road every day and how the trips add value to the company.
  4. Make sure travelers clearly understand their options at the point of bookingInclude all available alternatives and record them as organizational policy. For example, is flying permitted? If so, consider the number of acceptable miles/kilometers; class of service, e.g., Business Class or Economy seating; and how to make CO2-efficient flights a priority.
  5. Communicate and evaluate your travel program achievements and opportunities with travelers and the organization. Listen to traveler feedback about what does and doesn’t work on business trips. This may differ by department, function or country. Adjust policies accordingly.

The TMC plays a crucial role in providing a complete footprint for the travel program. Making the TMC aware of the travel policy and the ambitions of the organization means they can contribute ideas and advice for more sustainable trips.

Your partner in climate action

Climate Neutral Group, a BCD Travel SolutionSource partner, helps organizations reduce their impact on the climate. They are dedicated to helping companies reach Net Zero CO2 by 2050. Climate experts use innovative tools to achieve credible and transparent results on the way to Zero CO2. Climate Neutral Group helps your organization continue to do what it is good at, with meaning and value, while staying within the limits of the planet.

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