Inform, a new-style report from BCD Travel’s Research & Innovation team, focusing on specific issues and sharing relevant insights in an easy-to-consume format. Inform reports can be standalone or part of a series.

Emerging technologies and travel management

Approached from a travel manager’s point of view, the papers aim to close a knowledge gap within the travel industry when it comes to understanding the implications of digital technology. This is real-world information for real-world programs. This series of Inform reports explores how these technologies can interact with six aspects of travel program management:

N° 1 – Sourcing

Find out how technologies like machine learning, chatbots and blockchain can transform sourcing by making it more dynamic and enabling real-time engagement with traveler management.

N° 2 – Policy

Emerging technologies mean the days of using policy as a blunt instrument to ensure travelers book cost-effectively and stay safe are numbered. Read the paper to learn more.

N° 3 – Communications

Find out how today’s tools can deliver personalized messages, engaging travelers at exactly the right moment and giving travel managers new ways to encourage engagement and compliance.

N° 4 – Duty
of care

Discover how technologies like machine learning, chatbots et al can offer better options for not only tracking and assisting travelers, but more importantly, keeping them safe in the first place.

N° 5 – Payment & expense

screenshot Payment and expense

Find out how emerging technologies like machine learning, chatbots et al can radically simplify payment and expense management, not just for travelers, but for their employers, too.

N° 6 – Performance Management

Blockchain, chatbots, machine learning, virtual reality (VR) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are among the emerging technologies capturing the imagination of the business travel community.

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Managing business travel risk

Business travel risks are on the rise, and so are travelers’ expectations for how companies should help them stay safe and deal with disruptions. Strong partnerships between businesses and their travel management companies pave the way for mitigating risks, complying with duty of care and increasing traveler satisfaction.

2020 Travel risk survival kit

This Travel Risk Survival Kit offers warnings about the economic, geo-political, health and safety and cyber risks ahead for business travelers and corporate programs. Traveler care is top of mind because of the COVID-19 coronavirus. But other business travel risks haven’t disappeared. Get strategic guidance on how what’s ahead and how to mitigate risks, manage through crises and keep travelers safe and informed.

Managing air quality risk

This new Inform report about air quality and business travel helps travel managers to get informed about air pollution, find out if travelers are at risk and get advice on how to act on it to comply with duty of care obligations.

A blueprint for travel managers

The role of the travel manager is constantly changing. New technologies, new laws, new threats and new employees entering the workforce keep the job exciting and challenging. So, too, does the trend toward redrawn corporate reporting lines. These days, the responsibility for travel may sit in procurement, security, finance, information technology or human resources (HR). And regardless of the reporting structure, a travel manager must collaborate with all of those departments to be successful.
This series of reports is exploring corporate travel’s evolving relationships with HR, security and finance.

Partnering with HR

This report guides travel managers through the opportunities and challenges facing their HR colleagues; how HR and travel program objectives align; and the ways travel and HR can partner to drive overall business goals.


Meet the Research and Innovation team behind the Inform series

Mike Eggleton
Senior Manager, Analytics & Research

We’re just beginning to see how machine learning helps travel programs save money.

Miriam Moscovici
Senior Director, Research & Corporate Innovation

You can read about AI and the IoT anywhere, but do you know the direct tie-in to managed travel?

Natalia Tretyakevich
Senior Manager, Research & Intelligence

Self-executing contracts? Bots requesting bids from airlines? It’s all possible with digital technology.