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BCD’s sustainability leader gets right to work saving the planet

Oliva Ruggles-Brise isn’t a fan of waste – or wasting time. In her first 100 days as BCD Travel’s Vice President of Sustainability, Ruggles-Brise has mapped a path to grow BCD’s accountability across the entire sustainability program. In a Q&A, Ruggles-Brise shares her plans to make BCD the world’s most sustainable TMC. Spoiler alert: communication is key.

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In the news: Taking the sting out of payment and expense

Ajay Singh, vice president, digital payment and expense product development at BCD Travel, was featured in a Skift article covering payment and expense trends in business travel. He weighed in on how digital payment solutions can boost program efficiency, reduce costs and improve employee satisfaction.

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BCD Travel Webinars


Reduce your program’s carbon footprint

Learn about CO2 emissions, climate change and steps you can take to reduce or offset your travel program’s carbon footprint. Two subject matter experts from Climate Neutral Group provide valuable tips on how to help your travelers make the most sustainable choices.

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Ready for take off

With international travel restrictions easing, travellers are ready to reconnect in person. As we move towards recovery and navigate the ever-changing travel landscape together, how can we do so comfortably and confidently?

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Navigating a safe return to travel

As countries carefully lift travel restrictions, travelers are ready to reconnect in person. Travel managers now face the challenge to reboot their travel program with a renewed focus on traveler health and safety.

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Dove trovi BCD Travel in Italia

BCD Travel assicura copertura territoriale e assistenza a tutti i suoi clienti in Italia attraverso le cinque sedi italiane e un network di Agenzie di viaggi mentre, grazie al network globale, la copertura mondiale è garantita in oltre 100 paesi nei cinque continenti.

Questo ci rende capaci di coniugare la sicurezza di una assistenza globale con la capillare conoscenza delle realtà locali.

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BCD Travel Italy S.p.A. Società con Socio Unico
Cap. Soc. € 3.000.000 i.v. Soggetta all’attività di direzione e coordinamento di BCD Travel Europe Holding B.V.
Iscritta al Registro delle Imprese di Milano – Monza Brianza –
Lodi Nr. Iscr. e C.F. 11029800965 | P.IVA 11029800965 | R.E.A. 2573839

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