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Report: Travel risk outlook

The pandemic isn’t the only risk business travelers may face. Hurricanes, civil war, terrorism, and kidnapping are still real and present dangers. Travel is coming back; make sure you’re prepared with essential information for these times of uncertainty and change.

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Airline operations

These reports present a roundup of what’s been happening to airlines in the world over the last month as travel restrictions begin to ease.

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BCD Online Events

EMEA webinar

Reduce your program’s carbon footprint

Learn about CO2 emissions, climate change and steps you can take to reduce or offset your travel program’s carbon footprint. Two subject matter experts from Climate Neutral Group provide valuable tips on how to help your travelers make the most sustainable choices.

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APAC Webinar

Ready for take off

With international travel restrictions easing, travellers are ready to reconnect in person. As we move towards recovery and navigate the ever-changing travel landscape together, how can we do so comfortably and confidently?

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EMEA webinar

Navigating a safe return to travel

As countries carefully lift travel restrictions, travelers are ready to reconnect in person. Travel managers now face the challenge to reboot their travel program with a renewed focus on traveler health and safety.

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BCD Travel office in Czech Republic


Cestovní kancelář BCD Travel Czech Republic s.r.o.

Olivova 4/2096
110 00 Praha 1
Otevírací doba:
Po – Pá: 08.30 – 17.00


Veronika Šulcová
Tel: +420 224 500 010
[email protected]


Daniela Peterová
Tel: +420 224 500 060
[email protected]

Meetings & Events

Markéta Rasha
Tel: +420 273 183 599
[email protected]

Obchodní oddělení

Hana Hanzlová
Tel: +420 224 500 043
[email protected]




Štěpán Brož
Tel: +420 224 500 057
[email protected]

BCD Travel Czech Republic s. r. o., zapsaná u Městského soudu v Praze, spisová značka: C 51568
Sídlo: Olivova 4/2096, Praha 1, 110 00
Jednatel: Marko Vidic
IČO: 25122401, DIČ: CZ25122401
IATA Licence: 152 000 32
Pojištění proti úpadku CK: Česká podnikatelská pojišťovna, a.s., číslo pojistky: 0201900130