TripSource® turns on AI-driven accessibility widget

New function opens TripSource to an even wider range of users.

A new functionality in TripSource helps extend BCD’s commitment to inclusion and opens our website to an even wider range of users. Now, on the desktop version, TripSource users can easily access an AI-driven accessibility tool that supports users with visual, auditory, physical and speech needs. The accessibility menu offers options for:

  • Screen reader
  • Color contrast
  • Text size
  • Text spacing
  • Dyslexia friendly fonts
  • More

The widget is located in the bottom left corner but can be moved by the user.

“We celebrate the diversity of all people and are committed to building an inclusive workplace environment for every business traveling employee,” said Hannah Kahn, Senior Director, Product Planning at BCD Travel.

The World Health Organization estimates 1.3 billion people – about 16% of the global population – currently experience significant disability, and this number is increasing.

TripSource makes business travel better

TripSource is a total trip management platform for business travelers and travel arrangers. It helps travelers manage an entire trip in one place. They have instant access to trip details, booking options, check-in reminders, real-time flight notifications, risk alerts, trip sharing and more. Travel arrangers – whether an office manager, assistant or other person who plans travel – can easily manage and organize travel for an entire team; meet policy compliance and spend management objectives; and support duty of care.

Keep up with TripSource: CO2 emissions estimates, airport warnings and more

TripSource also recently added CO2 emissions estimates for sustainability and airport connection warnings. Travelers can view CO2 emissions estimates for nearly all flights in your search results. The estimate is visible next to the class of service and rules for baggage. Calculations are based on the Travel Impact Model (TIM). When a traveler’s flight connection is between two different airports, that detail is highlighted on the search results page and again on the checkout page.

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