BCD Travel report: Accessibility in travel

Travel can be stressful or complicated for anyone, but travelers with disabilities can face even more obstacles due to the way services and environments are designed. BCD Travel’s new report, Accessibility in Travel, examines the topic through the lens of business travel.

What’s inside the report?

The Accessibility in Travel report distinguishes between three types of accessibility: physical, communication and Web. Understanding the types and why they’re important can lead to providing a broad range of solutions that eliminate access barriers for travelers, ultimately generating business opportunities and greater product differentiation.

Topics covered:

  • 11 reasons why accessibility is important
  • A brief summary of ISO Standard 21902 Accessible tourism for all
  • A snapshot of main accessibility challenges
  • Considerations for accessible travel services, including adapted hotel rooms and car rentals, mobility equipment hire and travel companion services

Integrating accessibility into BCD Travel services

BCD already is dedicating more resources to accessibility in an effort to provide the most sustainable travel programs for clients. BCD’s work in the Life Sciences sector provides first-hand insight into the needs of travelers with disabilities (and how travel isn’t always designed to be accessible to everyone).

As part of its commitment, BCD recently launched a new functionality allowing an even wider range of travelers to use TripSource® by BCD Travel, a website and mobile app for travelers and travel arrangers. Now, on the desktop version, travelers can easily access an AI-driven accessibility tool that supports users with visual, auditory, physical and speech needs. The accessibility menu offers options for screen readers, color contrast, text size, text spacing, dyslexia-friendly fonts, and more.

TripSource® turns on AI-driven accessibility widget

Travelers can easily access an AI-driven accessibility tool in TripSource, BCD’s traveler engagement & booking platform. The widget supports users with visual, auditory, physical and speech needs, ensuring a more inclusive workplace environment for every business traveling employee. The accessibility menu offers options for:

  • Screen reader
  • Color Contrast
  • Text size
  • Text spacing
  • Dyslexia friendly fonts
  • And more


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