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To discover sustainability trends and best practices in meetings and events, get your free copy of A Sustainability Guide for Meetings & Events, from BCD Meetings & Events.

The meetings and events and travel industries are two of the primary contributors to global climate change because of the nature of our work. We are in the business of bringing people together. While that allows us to create connection and foster change, it also means we are significant contributors to the climate challenges the world is facing today. Fighting the stark realities of climate change means taking a hard look at the impact of our industry’s footprint.

A Sustainability Guide for Meetings & Events is packed full of actionable ideas to move our industry forward. Inside you’ll learn about:

  • Where the industry stands today with sustainable practices
  • Areas of your event to prioritize for the most impact
  • The companies that are getting it right
  • Actionable steps to take within each area of business

With partners Radisson Hotel Group and Liberty International, BCD Meetings & Events wrote this guide to spark more conversation and innovation around crafting greener meetings. You’ll learn about the fundamental role sustainability plays in the meetings and events of the future. You’ll also find tangible ways to incorporate sustainable thinking and practices into the planning and execution of meetings and events, e.g., reducing CO2 emissions, preventing food waste, limiting plastic and paper use, and using carbon emission calculators to measure the total estimated carbon footprint of your events.

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