Meet BCD at GBTA Ladders, May 16-18

BCD Travel is looking forward to catching up with our business travel colleagues, partners and friends at these upcoming 2022 business travel conferences.

GBTA Ladders Summit 2022 – Nashville, Tenn., May 16-18

We’re a gold sponsor of the GBTA Ladders mentorship program, whose mission is to create an environment that facilitates the exchange of ideas and invigorates interest in the business of travel among the next generation of business travel professionals. With participants in the program across mentees, mentors, advisory board members and previous keynotes, BCD Travel has supported the program since its inception.

Multiple BCD speakers will attend as panelists covering topics from modernizing business travel systems, working within a global team, leadership skills and the challenges of corporate social responsibility and ESG. Visit the site for event info.

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