Introduce new employees to the travel program ASAP

When is the best time to introduce new employees to the managed travel program? From the very beginning. That may not mean day one (let’s face it, they’ll probably spend most of that time trying to set up their new inbox). But the onboarding process is the best opportunity to present the managed travel program to new employees.

You’ll have their undivided attention because they want to understand expectations and establish a foundation for their role within the organization. So, do it right the first time.

Your employees, whether they’re new to the job market or seasoned, need a full picture of how the travel program supports overall company goals. Introducing the travel policy early builds transparency and helps new hires feel informed and valued. It also fosters a culture of preparedness and responsibility. Take advantage of that and communicate about the elements of the travel program. From the outset, your new travelers will have clarity on policy and preferred behaviors, approval and reimbursement processes, preferred travel vendors, safety protocols and more. The travel program may never achieve 100% compliance, but proper education could reduce the instances of policy violations.  

First impressions and the war for talent

The opportunity to travel may have been a deciding factor in a job candidate’s decision to join your company. New employees who will start traveling soon after their hire date will be eager to undergo training and orientation about company policies, priorities and procedures. Making the travel program a part of the orientation or onboarding experience helps mark its significance. It conveys to business travelers how their engagement with the travel program aligns with broader company goals like, cost savings, duty of care, sustainability and productivity. The initial education and preparation means they can immediately apply what they’ve learned.

Good habits start early

Introducing the managed travel program at the start helps new employees develop good habits. Your newest business travelers are more likely to adhere to policies and use preferred tools and processes if they see them as standard practice.

Don’t forget your seasoned travelers

We’ve focused a lot on new hires, but don’t forget the employees who have been traveling for some time. Implement “re-boarding” communications to remind them of policy standards and update them on new or adapted guidelines.

Reduce confusion and non-compliance

Offering comprehensive training during onboarding ensures that all employees have a consistent understanding of travel policies and procedures. Business travelers who understand the policies and the reasons behind them are less likely to bypass the system. This reduces confusion and increases compliance across the organization.

Fresh perspectives benefit the program

New hires may have fresh and valuable insights or questions that can help improve the travel program. Survey them to capture insights that can help you build and maintain a successful program.

From business traveler to influencers

When new hires understand and appreciate the travel program from the beginning, they are more likely to become advocates for it within their teams. This peer influence can further promote compliance and positive attitudes towards the program.

Make your onboarding materials memorable for new travelers

Introduce new hires to the travel program during onboarding or orientation

To make travel program information stick, make it memorable. Participants are more likely to engage with and retain information when its visually appealing. To achieve this, make sure onboarding and policy language is as attractive as it is simple. Avoid long documents. Distribute information as infographics, videos and webinar recordings that can be easily accessed online at any time. Then, keep information flowing by using TripSource®, our award-winning platform for business travelers and travel arrangers. Easily organize and manage travel for the entire team and keep in touch with travelers on trips.

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