Flight into the future: KLM gives go-ahead for Electric Flying Connection Tour

At the end of August, KLM invited a number of people to take part in trial flying lessons in an electric aircrafts. KLM has joined forces with Electric Flying Connection (EFC) and the E-Flight Academy. Instructors from the E-Flight Academy operated 18 training flights from Lelystad Airport to Schiphol-Oost and back.

Accumulating knowledge

KLM has joined forces with EFC and the E-Flight Academy to accumulate knowledge about electric flight. This will help understand how the new technology will affect KLM’s logistics and infrastructure. “To make aviation more sustainable, we need to test new technologies and innovations in practice. Something that is established on a small scale with today’s resources, could prove to be an important stimulus for scaling up applications in the future,” explains Jolanda Stevens, programme manager Zero Emission Aviation at KLM.

“Looking at the future of zero-emission flight, KLM is concentrating on the development of several technologies and innovations simultaneously,” says Jolanda Stevens. “Working with our industry partners at home and abroad, we are carrying out research into electric, hydrogen and hybrid flight, and looking at ways to accelerate developments.”

Zero Emission Aviation

KLM has a great responsibility as an airline. The route to Zero Emission Aviation is an essential part of KLM climate policy. To reduce impact on the environment, flight must become cleaner, quieter and more fuel-efficient. KLM are working intensively with various partners to ensure that new technologies succeed.

Meanwhile, KLM are already making every effort to reduce CO2 emissions across the board. For instance, the focus on more sustainable fuels and reducing fuel consumption through fleet renewal and flying more efficient routes. And KLM are working with partners to encourage combining flights and public transport.

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