Eating, sleeping and stress: Insights on traveler wellbeing

Business travelers may be better able to manage the demands of work-related trips and activities when they’re at their physical and mental best. Regular movement, balanced meals and adequate rest are as important for them as the meetings, deals and connections they make.

Traveler Wellbeing is a series of reports examining multiple aspects of business traveler wellness and the ways managed travel programs can support. The five-part series was compiled by BCD and Sanctifly, our marketplace partner in travel wellness.

Get moving

A recent BCD survey found lack of exercise while on business trips is among travelers’ major concerns, as reported by 26% of respondents. Access to gyms, swimming pools and exercise gear are some of the support measures travelers would like to see employers provide. Dive into this report for insights on how to help travelers get moving.


Eat well

Getting the right nutrients helps us function efficiently – but eating healthy while on the road can be tricky. Wellbeing support from travel teams might include recommendations for restaurants and delivery services with healthy menus and nutrition guides for travelers.


Sleep well

It isn’t always easy to wind down after a day of travel, unfamiliar surroundings, stressful schedules and jet lag. Travel programs should consider integrating travel amenities, extra time off and trip limits to help travelers get the best rest possible away from home.


Reset your mindset

Traveling for work can be equal parts rewarding and demanding. At some point, travelers will need to hit their personal off switch. This report looks at the possibilities for business travelers to relax, disconnect and reset mentally during work trips.


Manage stress

Stress is one of the biggest problems among frequent business travelers. It is an inevitable part of working life, but many fail to acknowledge it. The travel program can play an important role in easing stress-related traveler pain points. This report suggests ways programs can assess the support that’s available now and make improvements.


About Sanctifly

Sanctifly is the world’s largest travel wellness club. Sanctify collects and curates all the healthy alternatives when traveling, giving members exclusive access to airport hotel gym, pool, spa and lounge facilities without having to book a room. Everything the frequent traveler needs to travel well.  

Sanctifly provides access to over 3,500 premium airport activities, exclusive membership benefits, bespoke travel wellness content from industry experts and carefully curated healthy airport guides, all within one app. Members enjoy access to thousands of gym and pool locations worldwide to workout and energize, as well as luxury hotel gym, pool and spa facilities to boost traveler wellbeing.

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