Centricity powered by BCD: Reducing the travel burden for patient ambassadors

How a global pharmaceutical customer raises the patient centricity bar with dedicated end-to-end service

A case study on reducing the travel burden for patient ambassadors. From BCD Travel Life Sciences Center of Excellence. Powered by Centricity.


Traveling as a patient can be a frustrating and complex experience. Challenges such as long lines, wheelchair inaccessibility and lack of access to medications can have devastating impacts on physical and emotional health. Few understand this better than pharmaceutical companies. A life sciences leader wanted to ensure they were doing all they could to reduce the burden on patient ambassadors. Their goal was to improve patient well-being and satisfaction as well as increase participation in future engagements.


BCD Travel’s Life Sciences Center of Excellence partnered with the customer to imagine a new service that takes patient centricity to the next level. Through an offering from Centricity powered by BCD, we launched a program that bypasses typical corporate travel processes to prioritize patients and offer them an exceptional experience. We employed Patient Engagement Managers (PEMs) to provide concierge support and act as a single point of contact for patient travelers.

PEMs are required to have a background in healthcare or caregiving. They intuitively and empathetically apply their expertise and training to anticipate client needs and customize solutions that keep the focus on the well-being of the patient. For additional reassurance, patient engagement is extended well beyond booking. The PEM maintains regular contact with the patient throughout their journey for all travel, logistics and payment needs. And behind the scenes, the PEM coordinates with dedicated support teams and integrated technologies for a seamless end-to-end experience.


The trusted PEM-to-patient relationship offers tailored support with the empathy and discretion that patients require. It’s an approach that has made a meaningful difference in the likelihood of a patient ambassador participating in future engagements. As a trusted partner, we’re collaborating with our customer to establish a new standard of care in patient travel that is removing variability in duty of care and setting the bar for the industry.

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